Cheese, cheese, lots of cheese!!!

March 30, 2011 by flyingdrunkenmonkey

I just wanted to share a tip we’ve been doing for a little while. I first came across it on Super Organiser Mum when she did a post about her fridge. S.O.M is amazing – she is super inspirational and if my house ends up even half as organised as her’s I’ll be extremely happy. She posts great tips on how she gets organised and her blog is worth a look even if it’s just to drool over her house!

So the tip is to grate and freeze your own cheese. So simple hey!? But it will save you money, which is always a good thing. I’ve always had grated cheese in the freezer; it’s great to just chuck over pasta as it doesn’t matter if it’s frozen as it melts on contact with the hot food. I bought the bags of already grated cheese, normally the no name tasty or mozzarella, and just chucked them in the freezer. But you don’t really know what preservatives are in these and they are more expensive than the blocks of cheese.

So about a month ago we picked up a 500g block of Edam and chopped it in smaller slices and put it in the food processor to grate. Much easier than doing it by hand! We mixed the cheese through a light coating of flour to stop it clumping and then put it in to individual snap lock bags with the days date on it and stuffed it in the freezer. The small bags are great because they are enough for one or two meals and will slip in to any of the gaps in the freezer making them easier to store than a big bag. And as we have a tiny freezer this is definitely great for us!

We had used up most of this cheese so I grated another block today and did the same. This time I tried putting the flour in the processor which seemed to work to coat it fairly well. This really did work to stop it clumping together too!

So there you go, just a little tip that can help to save a little bit of money. Enjoy :)

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  1. perigrine says:

    I do that with the drying out ends of block cheese as well. Works a treat, doesn’t it?

  2. […] we had been meaning to do – swapped our microwave for the one that my sister has leant us, grated cheese to be frozen, and just generally tidied the kitchen. Such simple little tasks seemed to take all day for some […]

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