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April 5, 2012 by flyingdrunkenmonkey


Giveaway closed. Congrats Shelves!

Last month I was invited by Digital Parents to attend a “Bloggers Briefing” by Norton at the amazing Cafe Sydney. We sat in a tiny private dining room, looked at the awesome view, ate amazing food, met some gorgeous bloggers and chatted with the fantastic team from Norton. This was a team that got it. They didn’t do a hard sell, they didn’t try to scare us about cyber crime. They listened to our concerns, answered our questions and treated us as though we had something worthwhile to say.

Have you ever been a victim of cyber crime? One of my family members was scammed by someone he trusted online – a member of a gaming “clan” that he had been playing with for years. It just goes to show; you really don’t know anyone online.

I share a lot online – both here on my blog and on Facebook and Twitter but I know how important it is to remember that nothing is ever private. It doesn’t matter how strict you make your Facebook privacy settings, there is always a way around them.

The biggest point I brought away from the day is that it is very important that I stay up to date with technology in order to ensure I am able to keep Lily and my family safe on the Internet. At the moment I am probably the most internet/computer savvy of the family but it won’t be long until Lily is. Already she is a pro at using my iPhone to access her games and I only just yesterday found her using a game on my Dad’s iPad that I hadn’t shown her before. It seriously scares me to think what gadgets she will use and how she will access the Internet in the future. It is so important to me that she knows how to stay safe and that I am aware of what she is doing. Perhaps most important is that we have the type of communication that enables us to keep her safe and for her to feel safe to talk about us about anything that is worrying her.

The purpose of the lunch was to brief us on the new product that Norton will be releasing soon – NortonOne. The difference for this product compared to the other Norton products is the new membership program – instead of purchasing a separate product for each device you pay for a membership that covers up to 5 devices. You can simply go online from each device and add it to the membership. How much easier does that sound?! It will also have some other features including a better technical support with a 2min call guarantee – you enter your phone number and problem online and they promise to call you back within 2mins. Now that’s customer service!

The lovely folk from Norton and Digital Parents have arranged for me to give one of you a copy of Norton 360 version 6 antivirus for PC. That’s a year’s worth of protection, retailed at $129.99, for free!!

To enter all you have to do is leave a comment telling me how you keep or plan to keep your family safe online. Do you have house Internet rules? Do you know what your kids get up to online?

Terms and conditions: Open to Australian residents only. Competition starts 11am EST, Thursday 05/04/2012 and ends 6pm EST, Thursday 12/04/2012. Entry requires a comment answering the question outlined above. Facebook comments will not be included. Entries must include a valid email address. Winner will be chosen by Mr Monkey based in creativity. Winner will be announced on this blog, my Facebook page, via twitter and email. If the winner does not contact me within 5 working days then the prize will be redrawn from the same entry pool.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I was invited to attend the lunch by Digital Parents, was reimbursed for my transport costs and received a sample product. All giveaway costs are covered by Digital Parents

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  1. I have a trail version of norton with my new computer.. but I am slightly freaked out and clueless when it comes to internet safety..

    My kids are too young for the internet yet.. and hopefully will be for a good few more years! But when that day comes we will definately have very strict rules.
    Mum’s the Word recently posted…Wordless Wednesday- FamilyMy Profile

    • Cassie says:

      Hi! Thanks for the entry :)
      Internet security can be really scary but I think as long as you are aware of what they are doing and the lines of communication are open you have a good chance of everyone being safe.

  2. Shelves :P says:

    So with all these hackers now finally realising that Mac computers CAN be hacked with malware, trojans and the like; i’m now feeling pretty exposed with my absolutely safety free macbook constantly using sites with potentially unsafe content on it.

    As my household’s elected ‘gadget/tech support consultant’ part of my responsibility is to ensure that all devices on our network are virus free and safe. Which is quite daunting, with three computers, and various other devices constantly accessing the internet, even without our knowledge.
    As my mother is the most unknowledgeable person RE technology (she still has to get me to turn the TV on ;P) and all us girls are now (supposedly) of the age where we are meant to be trusted; rules regarding the internet are very vague, if non-existent. Facebook feeds are now filled with unintentional pornographic images, with spam being fed through networks not from the classic ‘chain mail’ email, but through social networking machines, misleading advertising, and let’s face it, childhood curiosity. I am absolutely horrified with how freely inappropriate material can be downloaded to my sisters’ devices, without their consent.

    Another thing companies like Norton, AVG etc should be considering is that computer being the only way to get to the internet is a dying trend. Cass, i got the link to this post from FB, with the source “posted from my iPad”. Think about how many times we access sites everyday from phones, tablets, etc. More than I use my computer, and yet there is absolutely no protection out there for those kinds of devices.

    So, my rant is up! Mr Monkey, have fun digesting this blogpost worthy comment! :)

    • Cassie says:

      The perception that Macs are “completely safe” was actually brought up at the lunch. They’re not and it’s important to make sure they are covered.

      Oh what can be seen on Facebook now is horrifying! It really is important that remember that *nothing* is ever private.

      Good point on the other devices. Norton One will actually cover Android devices and they are working with Apple to get IOS devices covered as well. So hopefully the 5 device membership will cover iPads and iPhones soon, making it super easy to make sure all Internet browsing is safe.

      Thanks for the entry! :)

  3. Belle of the ball says:

    Vert interesting topic. I try and implement strict Internet rules in our house, for example I monitor the boys Facebook pages and have their passwords so I can remove anything I feel is inappropriate. However they also have iPods and school laptops so it is getting harder to completely monitor what they are accessing. Plus they will soon be more tech savvy than me lol

    • Cassie says:

      Thanks for the entry Belle. The issue of school laptops came up at the lunch too. The responsibility is on the school to provide the anti virus I believe, but is the responsibility of the parents to monitor. Don’t quote me on that but I think that was the general consensus.

      • Belle of the ball says:

        I definitely agree it is my responsibility to monitor whilst they are using them at home. It just gives them a bit more freedom to ‘explore’ the internet without my involvement. However the laptops are invaluable when it comes to completing school work and assignments as there is no longer a competition for the one desktop pc in the house (I am studying too lol).

        • Cassie says:

          Oh I can imagine they would be very helpful!! I just shudder to think about what happens when parents don’t monitor the laptops as well…

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