Giveaway Winner ★ Norton 360 Anti Virus Software

April 17, 2012 by flyingdrunkenmonkey

I sent all of the entries to Mr Monkey without any names and … We have a winner! Congrats to Shelves with her entry;

So with all these hackers now finally realising that Mac computers CAN be hacked with malware, trojans and the like; i’m now feeling pretty exposed with my absolutely safety free macbook constantly using sites with potentially unsafe content on it.
As my household’s elected ‘gadget/tech support consultant’ part of my responsibility is to ensure that all devices on our network are virus free and safe. Which is quite daunting, with three computers, and various other devices constantly accessing the internet, even without our knowledge.
As my mother is the most unknowledgeable person RE technology (she still has to get me to turn the TV on ;P) and all us girls are now (supposedly) of the age where we are meant to be trusted; rules regarding the internet are very vague, if non-existent. Facebook feeds are now filled with unintentional pornographic images, with spam being fed through networks not from the classic ‘chain mail’ email, but through social networking machines, misleading advertising, and let’s face it, childhood curiosity. I am absolutely horrified with how freely inappropriate material can be downloaded to my sisters’ devices, without their consent.
Another thing companies like Norton, AVG etc should be considering is that computer being the only way to get to the internet is a dying trend. Cass, i got the link to this post from FB, with the source “posted from my iPad”. Think about how many times we access sites everyday from phones, tablets, etc. More than I use my computer, and yet there is absolutely no protection out there for those kinds of devices.
So, my rant is up! Mr Monkey, have fun digesting this blogpost worthy comment!

Mr Monkey said he loves a good rant! :)

Please send me an email at with your details and I’ll get the prize sent to you!

Thank you to every one that entered. Xx

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