I have a confession to make….

May 20, 2011 by flyingdrunkenmonkey

….. I’m a stationery and organising junkie.

My favourite time of the school year was always the beginning. Every year I would excitedly wait for the opportunity to head to the newsagent, Office Works or even just Woolworths, to buy new books, new folders, new pens, highlighters, tags and anything else I could find (and most likely didn’t need). I relished opening the clean, crisp books and writing neatly on the first page.

I would make a resolution that *this year* was going to be the year that I was organised. I would set up a schedule for homework and study, and organise folders for each subject. Of course, this would only ever last a week, two at the most, before I would watch TV instead of following my schedule and the folders would be languishing at the back of a cupboard somewhere.

This tradition, of course, continued on after I had finished high school and even through college. When I first found Kikki-K I was in heaven. I wanted one of their Wedding Organisers when I was organising my own wedding but couldn’t afford it so had to make my own with cheaper stationery.

Once we were married I bought the Bills Organiser with every intention of using it to it’s full potential. I did, at first. I separated all of our paperwork in to the prepared section and intended to file all incoming paperwork as it came in. When that didn’t happen I made a promise to myself that I would do it monthly. After a year we realised that we needed to have a folder for each financial year. So I bought new plain folders and dividers and set them up to be the same as the Kikki-K one. I transferred all of the last years paperwork in to the new folder and started the new financial year with the Kikki-K folder. I think we have 3 “past year” folders set up now. I would love to say that I file paperwork as soon as it comes in or at least monthly but it seems it only ever gets done as one big job at the end of each financial year. Definitely not ideal and I need to work this in to my routines somewhere.

My failings at following through also showed when I first attempted the BabySteps. I picked and chose which steps I wanted to do and only lasted a few weeks before I slipped back in to my old ways. This time this blog has kept me going and I cannot begin to tell you how proud of myself I am that I have kept going, even past the end of the BabySteps. I have fallen down sometimes with my routines and have despaired at the state of my house, but I picked myself up and jumped back in. My home is still nowhere near perfect but I am coming closer to being content with it.

Whilst I still enjoy a bit of “stationery p0rn”, I seem to be addicted lately to “organising p0rn”. I find myself trawling for blogs such as Super Organiser Mum” or The Organising Junkie or Skipper – Domestic Guru or the original – Life With FlyLady. I even feel I’ve gone a bit crazy and really want this book – Completely Spotless.

I will see posts like this one about creating command centers and I will be filled with an overwhelming urge to do the same in my house. Such a pity that we are renting. Storage tubs, calendars, and nifty little organising techniques are my new drug. If you had told me a few years ago that this is what my life would be now, I would never have believed you.

Oh, and Ikea is my idea of heaven and I can not wait until the new store is built at Tempe.

So how about you? Are you a stationery junkie? Or a organising junkie? Do you get the same thrill as I do from a pretty journal or a paper sorter? Or am I just abnormal???

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  1. Mrs Sparkle says:

    I totally get where you’re coming from. I love being organised at work. I have all my matching folders with their dividers and pretty coveres but I totally boycott it at home! I refuse to filing of any description. Phil does it all!

    Our study is a bit of a thoroughfare and a shambles at the moment so I’ll probably jump on the stationery and organising train once it’s renovated.

    • I struggled with it at work too but I got a bit better after a while. Hahah I wish Mr Monkey would do it here!!

      I really need to de-clutter our “computer room” and then work out a filing system that we will actually follow.

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