March Decluttering Task ★ Storage

May 9, 2012 by flyingdrunkenmonkey


March’s Monthly Decluttering Zone was the Spare Room. One decluttering task was to declutter the end of the bed – you can see how bad it had gotten in the photo above.

One weekend we decided to attack the end of the bed by putting some of the stuff in our cupboard under the stairs. Yes, we have a Harry Potter style cupboard. Although, it is very small and until we moved the furniture around it was blocked by the couch (it’s now blocked by the entertainment unit).

Mr Monkey started by pulling the couch away from the cupboard so we could check what was in there. Lily decided this was great as she was able to get really close to the TV. We thought it was really great as she wasn’t bothering us!

Mr Monkey started cleaning a few things out of the cupboard that we no longer needed or needed out for winter and just rearranged what was in there. I started clearing out what was at the end of the bed and worked out what we needed to put away and what needed to stay out. We managed to clear out quite a bit and the bed was looking quite better.

We then decided that since we were on a roll we’d go upstairs and work on February’s Decluttering Zone – the Computer Room. I had “organised” our stationery in to a few ice cream containers after we cleared them out of the computer desk but I didn’t really like it. So I grabbed a large filing box and just chucked it all in there. Not neat, but it will do for now. I will look at somehow getting them back on to the computer desk once Lily is a bit older – she likes playing with them too much at the moment.

I also cleared off the top of the drawers and made them much more organised. I love how much better it looks now and how much easier it is to keep tidy. It also makes the whole room seem so much tidier.

Mr Monkey started to clear off the top of the cupboard and then inside. There was a lot in there that was simply stuffed in and forgot about so obviously not really needed. We were able to clear out quite a lot – gave a rice cooker that we had never used to my parents and we have a chocolate fountain which will probably go to an op shop. I actually feel a bit less stressed knowing that cupboard has been taken care of and I don’t have to worry about it anymore. Personally I would prefer to empty it completely and not have it but the cupboard belongs to the landlord.

So, the storage in the Computer Room is looking much better and the end of the bed in the Spare Room was also better. Unfortunately, the Spare Room isn’t looking as good after we changed the entertainment unit around – all of the general clutter from the old entertainment unit got moved on top of the bookcase in the Spare Room, part of the unit is laying on the bed, Mr Monkey’s DVDs and CDs are lying in different spots around the Spare Room and there is a big container of his work papers in there too. We are looking at getting a new DVD cupboard to store them all and will hopefully sell the old unit soon but I think I’ll have to spend some more time in the Spare Room working on rearranging all of the clutter.

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