March Monthly Decluttering Task} ★ Lily’s toys

April 10, 2012 by flyingdrunkenmonkey


Lily has a lot of toys. Way too many and I sometimes feel guilty about our rampant consumerism. But every time I try to find something to get rid of I find excuses why to keep it – most of her toys were presents and I find it very hard to separate the sentimental from the practical.

But her toys were starting to take over the spare room so I thought it was about time I did something about it.


I started by buying these containers ($15 for the lot from Kmart) to store all of her colouring stuff. It has changed slightly since this photo but the smallest box has all of the crayons, pencils, texts etc. The second box has all of her painting stuff and the biggest box has the paper and colouring-in books. The second biggest box has been used for some of the toys.


I pulled all of the toys out of the box and started sorting them in to piles – toys to keep (which were then sorted in to piles of similar objects), toys that were missing parts and need to be fixed or thrown away and toys to put in to storage for when we have another baby. As you can see Lily wanted to help and thought it was fantastic as she was able to find all of the toys she had forgotten about!


I then sorted all of the toys back in to the boxes that we had. It wasn’t ideal but I couldn’t afford that week to buy new boxes. The toys were sorted in to boxes of similar types – soft toys in the big box on the right, bigger toys in a box together, small toys in another box.


I was then able to buy another set of the boxes from Kmart and so sorted the toys a little more. The smallest box is used to hold a set of “Jenga” like toys that don’t have their own storage box. I was then able to sort the other toys in to more specific types and made it easier for Lily to access the toys.


I used one of the bigger boxes to store all of Lily’s books that were downstairs and plan to swap this with the box we have upstairs so we can make sure Lily is reading all of them. This box stays in the Living Room and Lily loves it as she is able to go and grab a book whenever she wants and can put them back when she is finished.


The next job is to work out a better storage solution for the toys in the Computer Room upstairs. I don’t mind the boxes that the toys are in at the moment but there is just too many. However, a don’t want to put them all in to a big box as toys tend to fall to the bottom and get forgotten.

How do you store your kids’ toys? Any suggestions?

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