{Meal Plan} 15th- 21st August, 2011

August 15, 2011 by flyingdrunkenmonkey

As I have posted before that I’ve created a template for my Weekly Plan/ Meal Plan. I’ve made a few more changes to it for this week, in line with the changes I made to my routines. Instead of having columns for cleaning and Kelly’s Missions I’ve created a separate area with the list of Zone Work and the list of Weekly Tasks that I need to do for the week. This way I can keep track and tick them off as I go but I’m not locked in to doing them on particular days. I’ll see how this goes for awhile.

You can download the template if you like:

Click here to download my Weekly Plan Template

Please let me know if you use it and what you think!

To the left you can see what this week’s looks like for our house. A bit of a busy week this week. Last Sunday was my niece’s 1st Birthday party so I was down at my parents’ house. Monday, my Mum & I will be taking my Nana to the airport to go home before going to Lily’s swimming lessons. Normally, Mr Monkey does Lily’s swimming lessons with her but he has a seminar for work in the city for the day. Monday dinner will be pretty easy as we will both likely be tired.

Tuesday will be a housework day and I have some puff pastry in the freezer so will make a quiche. I seem to be loving quiche heaps lately. Wednesday will be more housework and hopefully a visit to the library to return some books and for Lily to have a play.

Thursday is always a busy day with Mums Group. Mr Monkey has actually managed to jiggle the rosters around for his work and has given himself Thurs – Sat nights off, as well as all of Sunday and Monday. So good! He’s still doing over 40 hours a week but at least it’s not 60 – 65 like he has been doing. So instead of cooking whatever we want for dinner and simply leaving leftovers for him when he gets home, I’ll now have someone to help cook dinner!

Mr Monkey had planned to show me the Pork Knuckle dish last week but plans got changed so he’ll show me this Thursday. He’ll need to buy and prepare it on Monday and I’ll put it on to cook around 2pm on Thursday while he’s at work. I’m hoping to take some photos and do a blog post about it as it seems like an interesting dish. Mr Monkey wants to teach me some different ways to prepare meat so we can use some cheaper cuts. Should be interesting.

Friday night I will be heading back down to my parents’ house for my niece’s actual birthday. The girls will be going to an indoor play area (eek!) and then we’ll be going out for dinner. So no dinner plans for me!

Saturday we are catching up in the afternoon for a farewell for one of our Mums Group as she is moving away. We’ll all then be going out for dinner, sans babies. Really looking forward to that! Plus Lily & Mr Monkey get to have some great Daddy-Daughter time.

Sunday will probably be a pretty quiet day, finishing off the housework. I found an interesting slow cooker meal with chicken thighs so thought I’d give that a try.

So here’s the meal plan:

Monday – Sausages, mash and vegetables
Tuesday – Quiche
Wednesday – Lentil Bolognese
Thursday – Pork Knuckles with Mash and Gravy
Friday – N/A
Saturday – N/A
Sunday – Slow Cooker Honey Ginger Chicken Thighs

Do you meal plan? What is your plan for the week?

Head over to The Organised Housewife to see more meal planning ideas:

The Organised Housewife
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  1. Little Miss Poppit says:

    Ahhh, my meal plan is all over the place this week. My housemate and I (from thursday) are going to start cooking together rather than buying two different boxes from Aussie Farmers Direct (such a good organisation!).

    Tonight I will be having left over Spag Bolognase sauce on a potato.
    Tuesday I am making Bok Choy and Feta Triangles
    Wednesday I will be using up everything that I havent used ready for my delivery on (probably a vegie stirfry or curry)
    Thursday I get my fruit and Veg delivery and ill meal plan again from there.

    • Sounds like a great plan! So glad AFD is going well for you. I’d still like to try them at some stage.

      Since writing this post on the weekend I found out that the dinner has now been changed to Wednesday night so my parents will be babysitting. And Mr Monkey’s 2nd in charge has an operation next week so he has Thursday, Friday & Sunday off this week as he will be working most of next week. So everything will have to be moved around!

  2. As you know I love to menu plan. You can see the next fortnights menu plan here:

  3. I don’t do a great deal. We are away for 2 weeks so it will be much cheaper than buying stuff that’s for sure

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