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September 1, 2011 by flyingdrunkenmonkey

For the past month I have done a weekly post for each Fly Zone and my plan for the week and the work I would do in the zone. Today, I am going to update you on what I actually got done.

Sit down, grab a coffee. This is a long one.

The Computer Room

Dust – Not done.
Tidy off desk – Not done.
Filing – Not done.
Tidy off top of drawers – Not done.
Tidy off top of bookshelves – DONE!!
De-clutter cupboard – 1/2 done.
Vacuum – DONE!!!
Sort out Lily’s clothes – DONE!!

I’m rather disappointed in myself this week. I started the week determined the get this room sorted and I actually started pretty well. I was putting some of Lily’s clothes away and decided to quickly sort through her clothes. I had a drawer full of summer clothes so I sorted through them and took out all of the size 0 clothes and put them aside in a bag to send to my sister for niece. I kept the few things that are a size 1 as Lily should fit these for at least the start of summer. I put these in the back of a drawer and then split her pants and tops/dresses over two drawers. I still have to sort through what size 2 clothes Lily has and what she needs. My Mum has also given me a bag of size 2 clothes that she had bought earlier and put away, so these will have to be sorted and put away as well.

On the same day I opened up the cupboard to try and find some cookbooks that I knew were in there. They were, right at the bottom. So I pulled everything out and found the box of cookbooks. I then cleared off one of the bookshelves that had all of Mr Monkey’s Uni stuff on it. Seeing as he has finished Uni I put all of this into a box which has gone under the bed. The cookbooks from the box went on to this bookshelf and we now have two bookshelves of cookbooks. I need to make sure I use them for meal planning instead of just using the internet. I’m especially excited about using my Thai cookbook and the Stephanie Alexander one.

I should have at least sorted out that side of the cupboard but at least I got rid of one box and a few suitcases and bags that went in to the bedroom with the others. There was also a box of food magazines of Mr Monkey’s but I left them in the box in the cupboard as I think they will be too tempting for Lily. I think I will have to convince Mr Monkey to recycle them as there really isn’t much use having them around.

I then cleared off the top of the bookshelves and wiped them down. This is definitely a HotSpot area which I need to keep an eye on. I also really need to find a globe for that monkey lamp for Lily. The box set is a set of Roald Dahl books for Lily for when she is older. They would go on the bookshelf but they are quite heavy and I’m worried that Lily will pull them down on herself. My jewellery box is behind the door there and that also needs to be de-cluttered. In front is pages from books that have fallen apart or that Lily has accidentally pulled apart. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with these.

I also managed to tidy the floor and vacuum that day. It was quite a productive day actually. It would’ve been great if I could’ve got the rest of the room done that day as well because it all went downhill from there. I’m not sure what happened but by the end of the week nothing more had been done in the room and the rest of the house was looking pretty shocking. There was a huge pile of dishes covering the sink and it just kept being added to, no matter how many I washed. I finished the week feeling pretty down about it all.


Sweep floor – not done.
Scrub stove top – DONE!!
Clean cupboard doors – DONE!!
Clean out fridge – 1/2 done.
Clean small appliances – DONE!!
Clean big appliances (outside of fridge etc) – DONE!!
Mop floor – not done.
Tidy plastic containers – DONE!!

I was determined that this week was going to be better, and it was slightly. It still took me until Thursday to get all of the dishes done, mainly as Lily has been sick and very, very clingy. Normally she stays downstairs with her toys and the TV while I clean but she wouldn’t let me leave the room a lot of the time this week. So I was stealing snatches of time while she was asleep or in a fairly good mood and washing a few dishes at a time.

Mr Monkey was home on Monday and in the afternoon he offered to help me with some of the housework. I offered him the choice of the dishes or sorting the pots and pans cupboard. He chose the cupboard. I’ve been meaning to sort this little cupboard out for awhile as everything as just been piled in there and I’ve actually taken to simply putting the most used pots and pans on to the top. So Mr Monkey sorted them out and I’m determined that it is going to stay sorted.

I was still washing the dishes when he finished so he moved on to the big cupboard. This is where we keep the glasses and mugs, the microwave, casserole dishes and the small appliances that aren’t used often. There is still some work to be done in sorting this cupboard but it’s fairly good at the moment. I also made sure to note what casserole dishes we have as I’m always using the wrong dishes when cooking as I forget what we have. I would also like to sort through the miscellaneous things like the water bottles and get rid of the things that we don’t really use.

During one lot of washing the dishes I had washed some of our plastic containers. As I went to put them away on top of the fridge I remembered that I was going to tidy them. I was on hold to Centrelink at the time so thought I might as well do it then. Lily came in and stood on the chair at the table and after I had sorted the containers on the table, she re-sorted them every time I turned around to put them on top of the fridge. She’s very good at “helping”. At least they are tidier now.

The next big job was the fridge. I thought it would be a good time to clean it as it was fairly empty. I cleared off the shelves and was cleaning them one by one in a sink of soapy water. I then had an old ice-cream container in which I had put a mix of vinegar and water and was using a sponge to wipe the walls down. All good. Except suddenly a heard a bit of a fizzling noise. I was trying to find where it was coming from and next thing there is a POP! and the fridge turns off. Uh Oh! As I start to freak out I can hear Lily whinging downstairs. I went downstairs to check on her and noticed that the TV had been turned off. I sighed with relief and realised that the circuit had obviously just been overloaded. Yes, the TV and all of its attachments, the fridge, microwave, computer, and as I recently discovered, the washing machine, are all on the same circuit!! The perils of renting, I suppose. So I went to the fuse box (climbing in Lily’s cot to reach it) and flicked the switch. I heard the TV come back on and went to check the fridge. Nup! Nothing. I left it for a minute or two and went back to the fuse box. I noticed the switch I had flicked was back down and so I went and turned it back on. Going back to the fridge and it was on! I opened the door to see where the noise was coming on and POP! all gone again. I went and flicked the switch again and this time, as soon as I opened the door it tripped the fuse again. I called my Dad and he suggested that maybe some moisture had gotten in to the wiring while I was cleaning it. He said to keep the door closed (I hadn’t opened the freezer at all thankfully) and leave it off for awhile in order for to it dry out. So I left it off, got permission from Mr Monkey to get take away (dinner was in the freezer) and Lily and I cuddled in front of the TV and ate pizza. We switched it back on the next morning, there’s no noise and every thing seems to be working. Phew!! I was sure we were going to have to buy another fridge!!

On Thursday I managed to finish off the dishes, sweep the floor and wipe everything down. I left to go to my parents’ house on Friday so was happy that the kitchen was fairly clean. The floor still needs to be mopped but it is all definitely better than the beginning of the week.



Clean floor – Done by Mum.
Clear HotSpots – DONE!!
Check supplies – DONE!!
Go through cosmetics – Not done.
Clean faucets – DONE!!
Scrub sink – DONE!!
De-clutter 1 drawer – Not done – not really needed.
Disinfect rubbish bin – DONE!!
Clean bath/shower – DONE!!
Wash bath toys – DONE!!!


Clean floor – Done by Mum.
Clean outside of washing machine – DONE!!
Check supplies – DONE!!
Look behind washing machine – Not done.
Do tub clean – DONE!!

All pretty much done in the bathroom and laundry this month. I didn’t de-clutter the drawers at all this month as they have only really just been done. I’ll probably need to check them next month.

I didn’t clean behind the washing machine and I really should have. The thought of the mess that is probably behind there scares me!

I managed to get through of the Mount Washmore that has been piling up lately. The weather had been either terrible or inconsistent for weeks and clothes take ages to dry inside. Luckily we had a few days of sunshine so I washed and hung out as much as I could. I didn’t get all the way through but almost there!

<img src="http://www.flyingdrunkenmonkey.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/20110831-0121531.jpg" alt="20110831-012153.jpg" class="aligncenter size-medium"
I also thought one of our clothes racks had broken but it seemed to have magically fixed itself now! How strange.

The Master Bedroom

Dust – DONE!!
Clear beside tables – DONE!!
Clean mirrors – DONE!!
Clean balcony doors – DONE!!
Tidy change table – DONE!!
Clean wardrobe doors – Not done.
Tidy under bed – DONE!!
Fold clothes – Not done.
Vacuum – DONE!!

Pretty happy with the bedroom this month, I actually got most of it done in one day. Took all the things that Lily had brought in and put them back in their correct spots. Cleaned all of the glass surfaces and dusted. Gave the bedroom and the computer room a good vacuuming and the room was practically sparkling! I didn’t fold the clothes up as they are mostly Mr Monkey’s and I just find it a really annoying and tiresome job.

Of course it is only a few days later and it’s a mess again, thanks to Lily and her morning adventures.


So that’s my month. Fairly happy with how the house was at the end of the month but I really have so much more to do. Hoping September is a much more productive month.

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