Organising ★ Our New House ★ The Lounge Room

November 14, 2012 by flyingdrunkenmonkey

Organising our new house - The Flying Drunken Monkey

So, as you may have noticed we moved house a few months ago. It was only around the corner and we had a LOT of help from our family but I was about 5-6 weeks pregnant and was suffering from a bit of morning sickness. So lots of fun. My family also refused to let me lift much so I felt a little useless. Mr Monkey was also working normal shifts up until and after the move which meant I was responsible for most of the packing and unpacking.

Mum helped us pack in the couple of weeks before the move and all of the family helped us move and then with random jobs around the house once we were settled. We couldn’t have done it without any of them.

So, now on to the new house. It is slightly larger than our last house, on a quieter street. We have a small courtyard area at the front which is mostly useless except for storing our bins. It’s also nice that it is virtually closed off from the footpath so that if any deliveries are left I feel they are as safe as they probably could be. Lily also loves it as the mail box is at her height and she checks it multiple times a day.

The photos were all taken a few weeks ago when the house was relatively tidy. My mum was there at the time and was upset that I didn’t let her clean before taking the photos but I wanted to show what our house looks like on a day to day basis.

Organising Our New House - Lounge Room - The Flying Drunken Monkey

Above is the view as you walk in to the front door. The couch is obviously the same as we had in the old house and it fits well in this room. The green rocking chair my mum purchased off Ebay for us. I always wanted one with Lily so am looking forward to having it with the new baby.

Behind the rocking chair is one of the speakers from the surround sound system and as in the old house I have a tray on there that holds all of my paperwork and “stuff” for blogging. The footstool for the rocking chair is at the end of the couch and next to that is an ottoman that we picked up from Kmart – it has the spare cushions and blankets as well as Lily’s nappies in it.

The layout has changed slightly since I took these photos – the ottoman has turned around so that it is against the end of the couch, basically extending the length of the couch. The footstool has moved in to the corner next to the TV cabinet (next photo). We also have a new floor lamp that goes behind the speaker – it’s red! We have one red cushion too but need to get another one.

There is not much organising to do here. I would like to put something on the wall behind the couch but at the moment there is no hook – we have only used hooks that were already up in the house but we have some 3M hooks hanging around so once I work out what to put up we might use those.

Organising Our New House - Lounge Room - The Flying Drunken Monkey

This is the opposite side of the room. The front door is there on the left – I have a few problems with this door. It has to be locked at all times or it doesn’t stay shut. There is only the one deadlock, plus a chain. If we don’t lock the door but put the chain on, the door moves with any wind and is incredibly annoying. We have asked the real estate/landlord about getting a second lock or handle put on but so far no luck. Lily can also reach the door so we can’t leave the keys in the door when it is locked. I’ve installed a 3M hook next to the light switch where she can’t reach to hang the keys. She can also open the screen door and the gate at the front so I don’t want to risk her getting out on to the footpath or road.

The layout of the TV area has changed slightly. The cabinet is in the same spot but the boxes on the side have gone. These held all of our DVDs and CDs which we didn’t want to unpack until we got a new cabinet. We picked the cabinet up a few weeks ago and Mr Monkey got to organise all of the DVDs and CDs exactly the way he wanted. The cabinet has gone along the wall to the right, basically where the ottoman is in that picture. The footstool from the rocking chair is in the corner. The bags are still by the door there but I am yet to work out a good place to put them – we can’t put up the big hooks that we had in the last house so am trying to find a solution to get the bags etc. up and out of the way.

Organising Our New House - Lounge Room - The Flying Drunken Monkey

The bookshelves line the wall on the right as you come in the door. This leads to the door through to the dining room. I like the way they frame the room but they are becoming a bit of a dumping zone on top. It’s something that I need to keep a constant eye on and am constantly clearing it off. I would like to be able to put the bags up there but most of the time there isn’t room!

The shoe rack is between the shelves and the door. I would like to replace this eventually, preferably with something made in wood but it does the job for the moment.

So that’s our new lounge room.

Do you have any organising tips for me?

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