Organising ★ Our New House ★ The Dining Room

November 21, 2012 by flyingdrunkenmonkey

Organising - Dining Room - The Flying Drunken Monkey

Last week I shared what my plan for organising our new house starting with the Lounge Room. This week I’m focusing on our dining room, which is between the lounge room and the kitchen.

I’m loving having a dining room. In the old house the table was in the kitchen and became another prep area. Thankfully there is enough bench space in this kitchen that it isn’t needed anymore and we can use it as an actual dining table. I’m not entirely happy about it being over carpet but at least Lily is getting better with dropping food on the ground. We’ll have to work out something when the new baby starts eating if it’s anything like Lily was!

Organising Our New House - Dining Room - The Flying Drunken Monkey

This is looking in to the Dining Room from the door from the lounge room. On the left is our big Expedit bookcase, with a small cabinet next to it (it used to be in the kitchen in the old house and we haven’t decided what to do with it yet). The filing cabinet is on the other side of the bookcase, next to the wall. The dining table is on the left in front of an unused fireplace. On each side of the fireplace is one of our bookshelves with the cook books on them. Between the bookshelf on the right and the kitchen are Lily’s kitchen and toys. Of course, they normally end up out in the middle of the floor, as you can see. On the right is the computer table, under the staircase. As you can see, the arch way leads in to the kitchen (hi Mum!) and there is a door to outside on the right.

Organising Our New House - Dining Room - The Flying Drunken Monkey

This is the Expedit bookcase. I know I should’ve organised it properly when we were unpacking but as this was the room that stored all of the boxes before they unpacked we just wanted to unpack them and worry about that later. Of course, later is now. So I need to reorganise the shelves, tidy off the top and tidy off the top of the cabinet next to it. There are also a few boxes left in front of the bookcase – these are full of things that we obviously don’t use much and mostly just need to be stored somewhere. Working out where that could be is the big question!

I need to find a new place to store the vacuum cleaner – that’s it on the right. But it’s too big to go most places and at least it is out of the way there. And yes, that is Lily jumping in front of the camera on the left.

Organising Our New House - Dining Room - The Flying Drunken Monkey

This is the area under the staircase. The door to the loungeroom is to the right. I’m really glad that the table fit under here as it’s the perfect little fit. We don’t use this computer much anymore – I much prefer the laptop. We actually didn’t have the internet connected to it for ages as the modem is in the loungeroom and we didn’t have any way to connect the computer via wifi. We bought a wifi extender which is supposed to work to connect the internet and also make the printer available over wifi but I’ve been having a lot of issues with getting it working.

Next to the computer table is a box full of Mr Monkey’s… stuff. It’s the box that drove me crazy in the old house and it’s probably going to drive me crazy here. It’s full of work stuff and just I don’t know stuff but obviously I can’t touch it. He’ll sometimes go through it but will normally only get halfway through before there just leaving it all in piles which I end up getting the shits with and just shoving it back in the box. No, I’m not bitter about it all! Why would you say that?! :)

Actually, having a closer look at the photo I think there are two boxes of his stuff there. I could of course get up and check for myself but I’m quite comfy on the couch. The small boxes on top are Lily’s drawing stuff. I need to find a place for these – at the moment they are there and there is also some on top of the bookshelves in the lounge room. The big roll of paper is Lily’s blank drawing paper – my Dad picked it up from one of his supplier’s for a couple of dollars! It’s great for painting as well.

The blue bag is my library bag which I used to hang on the end of the staircase. Need a new spot for that too.

Organising Our New House - Dining Room - The Flying Drunken Monkey

The final area of the Dining Room is Lily’s toy area. We’re buying her a new toy kitchen from Ikea for her birthday in February and I’m hoping it will look a bit neater. This plastic one has been fine for her so far but I think she’ll be happier with one that’s a little bigger and more solid. I need to buy more tubs or something to store all of the other toys as they are overflowing at the moment. Oh, and there is also the tubs of Lily’s painting stuff on top of the heater which is on top of the bookshelf.

As you can see from the featured photo there is a bit of decluttering to be done on the mantel about the dining table as well. This has become a bit of a dumping ground for things that need to be kept out of Lily’s way or things that we need out for later or things like Mr Monkey’s signed copy of Heston’s book that he wants on display. The pile on top of the bookshelf on the left is all of the filing that needs to be actually filed in the filing cabinet.

So, a lot to do in this room. I think I’ll need to set aside a day when Mr Monkey is home and really get to work, especially on the bookshelf and the few boxes that are left.

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