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November 30, 2012 by flyingdrunkenmonkey

Review - Choosi Health Insurance - The Flying Drunken Monkey

This is a sponsored post.

I’m one of those people who like to be covered for everything – you just never know what will happen! Thankfully Mr Monkey is the same.

My family never had private health insurance growing up, it was just one of those extra things we couldn’t afford. Thankfully, we didn’t have two many big accidents or hospitals stays, just a few broken bones. Well, actually more than a few – I think we each broke at least 2 bones. Plus the few times Dad fell off the roof and broke a collarbone or hit his head on a tree and got a thorn in his head. Fun times.

When I got together with Mr Monkey he had private health insurance but had never really had need to use it (thankfully!). When we got married we automatically had me added on to his policy. We also upgraded his policy to include obstetrics, as we knew there was a year waiting period for those services. Thankfully we did as we fell pregnant with Lily 1 ½ years after we were married.

We didn’t end up using our health insurance for any of the pregnancy as we went through the public Birth Centre at RPA in Sydney. I really, really recommend them for anyone that’s looking – very competent midwifes and a great, natural environment. However, we did use our insurance for the hospital stay, which gave us preference for a private room, which luckily we got and Mr Monkey was allowed to stay overnight. The hospital actually asked us to use our insurance as it means they receive more money – a cause that I’m perfectly happy to support.

After Lily was born we also added her to our policy. Since then we’ve used it to have my wisdom teeth removed last year, have an orthodontic fixture removed and 2 fillings this year and Mr Monkey also had a filling. So, although we are paying out a bit of money each month at least we haven’t had to pay thousands of dollars in one hit for each of these appointments.

We are with Commonwealth Bank Health Society (CBHS) as Mr Monkey’s father used to work with them and we are quite happy with the policy we have (although we’d have to go up to a higher policy to have Lily’s opthamologist appointments covered). However, when I was contacted by Choosi to trial and review their service I thought it would be a good idea to see if we could get a better deal.

The Choosi website is really simple to use – you pick your state, level of cover and who it is for and then add in a few more details about the cover you are looking for and arrange for a one of the Choosi team to contact you. The lovely Natasha called me within hours and went through all of the questions about what cover we needed, what previous history we had and what was most important to us in a cover (e.g. price, certain extras etc.)

She then promptly emailed me a comparison of the different covers available for me to review. When Natasha called the next day to check how we went with the comparison I told her it turned out that we currently are getting the best deal for what we need. She was lovely and offered her help in the future if we needed it.

It was such a simple process and Natasha was very, very helpful. It would have been nice to be able to see the comparisons on the websites first and then have a call to see if there were any issues but it was still straightforward the other way.

If you are looking for health insurance, or looking at changing your current policy and getting a better deal then I strongly suggest you check out Choosi. They can also compare Life, Funeral and Income Insurance. Choosi are paid a commission but that does not affect how much you pay. I also didn’t find them pushy like other commission-based sales.

Do you have health insurance? Do you think it is an important thing to pay

Disclaimer: This is a paid, sponsored post. All opinions are my own, the payment does not in any way affect my response to the service.

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