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February 21, 2013 by flyingdrunkenmonkey

Fun Sandwich Ideas with Glad! - The Flying Drunken Monkey

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I recently attended an event held by Glad to learn to make some exciting sandwiches for Back to School. Now, of course Lily is a little too young for school and her “school” (daycare) provides all of her food for her but I’m always stuck for ideas for lunches at home. We always end up having toast (even when we had toast for breakfast), 2 minute noodles or leftovers from the night before, if there is any! Quite often Lily hardly eats any as she gets bored or wants to run around and play. I know she always eats her lunch at school but of course, they always do, don’t they! I’m also hoping to get in the habit of making great lunches now so it’s not much of a change once Lily starts school.

The event was held at Food Wine and Design in Leichardt, which holds cooking classes and art exhibitions. Owner, chef and mother of two, Rebecca Perry, shared with us some great sandwich ideas, thinking a little outside the (lunch) box.

Fun Sandwich Ideas with Glad! - Lego - The Flying Drunken Monkey

I started with the Lego sandwich as Lily loves her Duplo and I knew she’d recognise it instantly. It was really easy to make;

Lego sandwich


2 slices bread cut into 4 x 7cm rectangles (crusts removed)
1 slice bread cut into 6 x 1cm circles

Filling of choice:
1. Chicken & Mayo
2. Tuna & Cream Cheese
3. Ham and Cheese
4. Cheese and cucumber


Spread your filling of choice onto one of the rectangles and place the second on top to form a “finger”. Using cream cheese (for e.g) glue the discs on top in 2 rows to form the Lego press studs.

See, easy! And when I brought it home to Lily she loved it, especially pulling the discs off the top and eating them separately.

FUN SANDWICH IDEAS WITH GLAD! - Angry Bird - The Flying Drunken Monkey

I then decided to try the Angry Bird. This was a bit more involved but still fairly simple to put together;

Angry Bird


2 slices wholemeal bread, cut into 10 cm rounds
1 slice white bread, cut into 10 cm round
1 slice cheese, cut into 2 x 1.5cm rounds (for eyes)
1 green bean, sliced into 2 discs (for eye pupils)
1 slice of carrot, cut in half (for beak)
2 grape tomatoes, (for feet)
2x 1.5 cm pieces of wholemeal crust (for eyebrows)
Bean sprouts or crispy noodles for nest.

Filling of choice:
1. Chicken & Mayo
2. Tuna & Cream Cheese
3. Ham and Cheese


Place the white bread disc over one of the wholemeal bread discs and using a 9cm cutter cut out the lower part of the birds face, carefully cutting through both pieces of bread. Discard the large section from the white bread and the small section from the wholemeal bread.

Spread the whole round of wholemeal with your desired filling. Place the cut wholemeal piece at the top of the disc and the small white cut section at the bottom to form the mouth/ beak region.

Using cream cheese (for e.g) glue the crusts on as eyebrows, the cheese discs with green bean slices for eyes & the carrot pieces for the beak.

Line a lunch box with sprouts or crispy noodles to form a nest. Lay over the Angry Bird Sandwich and finish with 2 grape tomatoes for feet.

How cute is that?!?

FUN SANDWICH IDEAS WITH GLAD! - Bert - The Flying Drunken Monkey

Lily loves watching Sesame Street so I knew she’d recognise Bert straight away.



2 slices wholemeal bread with side crusts removed
1 slice white bread cut into 2 x 3cm circles(for the ears)
Half a tomato
Salty seaweed for hair and eyebrow (cut with scissors)
4 x 1.5 cm circles cut from cheese slices (for eyes)
2 x raisins, halved (for the pupils)
1 sliced disc of carrot (for the nose)
1 sliced triangle of carrot (for the nose)
A ‘c’ shape cut out of cucumber (for the mouth)
1 x slice of ham or salami with a section cut off (for the mouth)

Filling of choice:
1. Chicken & Mayo
2. Tuna & Cream Cheese
3. Ham and Cheese
4. Cheese and cucumber


Spread your filling of choice onto the round white bread disc and place the second on top. Cut the circles in half to form the 2 ears. Spread your filling onto one of the wholemeal slices and place the second on top.
Using cream cheese, glue the features onto Bert’s face.

FUN SANDWICH IDEAS WITH GLAD! - firecrackers - The Flying Drunken Monkey

Lily loves fairy bread (and I have to admit I’m obsessed with it too) and so I knew I’d have to bring home at least one sandwich using 100s and 1000s. The Firecracker Pinwheels seemed like a great option.

Firecracker Pinwheels


2 slices of bread with crusts removed

Filling of choice:
1. Tuna & Cream Cheese & grated carrot
2. Hummos and shaved cucumber
3. 100’s & 1000’s


Place the bread slices on the workbench only slightly overlapping to form a rectangle. Using a rolling pin, roll the bread as thin as possible. (This will bind the edges of the bread together slightly as well).

Spread over a thin layer of your filling of choice.

Roll the bread starting at a narrow edge into a tight cigar shape. Wrap in GLAD wrap and twist the edges to help form the cylinder. Chill slightly before slicing into 3 sections. Serve with the cut sides up to show off the colourful fillings.

So easy to make but such an effective sandwich! I was hoping to share these between Lily and my niece but Lily ate them all up before I had a chance to offer some to Olivia! These would be great for kids parties – they can be made the day before and simply cut up and put on a platter before the start of the party.

Glad ambassador Julie Goodwin has also shared some recipes for yummy lunches. I’m really excited to try the Cheesy Muffins (seriously, cheese and muffins, can it get much better?!). I also love a good Zucchini Slice and this Chicken Salad Baguette looks extremely yum.

She also shares these great tips for school lunches;

  • Freeze sandwiches in GLAD® S LOCK® bags – this means only making sandwiches once a week. Sandwiches that are suitable to freeze include cheese, mortadella or silverside and normal spreads such as Vegemite. Ham and salads are unsuitable to freeze because of the high water content.
  • Pack a salad and send the dressing in a GLAD® SNAP LOCK® Mini bag to pop on at lunch time. This stops the salad from going soggy.
  • Kid-sized packets of snack, when bought at the supermarket, are really expensive. It’s much cheaper to buy pretzels, sultanas, rice crackers etc. in big packages and divide it up yourself. Popcorn is also an inexpensive and healthy snack to make and divide into bags.
  • Divide snacks into GLAD® SNAP LOCK® Mini bags, label and keep in the pantry. Pretzels, popcorn, crackers, dried fruit and biscuits are all great for this. Cut up fruit, vegetables or cheese and divide into GLAD® SNAP LOCK® Mini to keep in the fridge.
  • To cool lunch boxes, freeze a boxed fruit juice drink or drink bottle of water. It will keep lunch cold and also be a nice cold drink by lunch time.

Check out Glad’s Facebook page or the GLAD website for more tips and ideas.

All in all, I think I’ve got some great new ideas for lunch!

What is your favourite lunch recipe? Do you think you would have a go at an Angry Bird or a Firecracker Pinwheel?

Disclaimer: I was invited to attend the event and was given a bag of Glad goodies to use at home. I was also paid for this post but all opinions are my own.

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