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June 29, 2012 by flyingdrunkenmonkey

Sydney Good Food and Wine Show - Chobani Stand

Last Sunday I attended the Good Food & Wine Show in Sydney with Lily, my mum, my mother-in-law, my sister and my niece. All of the boys were off on a fishing trip so we decided we’d all treat ourselves to a day of excellent food.

We stayed the night before at my in-laws and all of the boys stayed at our house as they had to be at Balmain at 5.30am and our house is closer. We drove in to the Convention Centre and parked at the Entertainment Centre carpark ($24 for parking for the 2-3 hours that we were there!!!)

We made sure to get there not long after the show had opened as we know how busy it gets from the past years. I think we were there around 10.15 and there was quite a few people there but still very easy to move in between the stalls and there was no line up for the tickets. Definitely the best time to go!!

The Flying Drunken Monkey - Chobani Yogurt

I had been given my ticket for the show by Chobani yogurt as an opportunity to try their product and try we did!! Everyone got a free 170g pot of yogurt and between all of us we tried almost all of their flavours. I spoke to a few of the staff and they said that they received the first yogurts that had been made in Australia just that morning! Chobani is an American company and at the moment all of their yogurt is being imported from America but they have just started producing Australian products. Apparently the Australian Mango yogurt is amazing! I can’t wait to see what flavours they make in Australia. We were also given vouchers to get 50c off Chobani at any Woolworths stores in Victoria and NSW. Don’t worry, you can get it too! Just head here and click on the link to print off your voucher.

The staff told me to come back before we left and we headed off to have a look around the stores. One thing that we’ve liked from the past years was all of the new and exciting products that we found. However, this year wasn’t so great for that – we seem to have seen everything already! One great product that we did stumble across was The Stock Merchant. They have a great range of stocks made from free range and sustainable products! I had a quick chat to Ben on the stand (who I later found out was the owner, sorry Ben!) and I mentioned my blog. He straightaway offered 3 full stocks for me to take home and try, including their awesome Sustainable Blue Swimmer Crab Stock! Um…yum! I knew Mr Monkey would be incredibly impressed by that. Since coming home I’ve learnt that they are based only a suburb or two away from us! I tried their Free Range Chicken Stock to cook couscous in the other night and it imparted such a beautiful, strong chicken flavour that worked so well with our Chicken Cordon Bleus. Yummy! I haven’t been game to try the Blue Swimmer Crab Stock yet, I think I’ll leave that to Mr Monkey. The 500ml stock pouches are super easy to use and really easy to buy – either through their website or at a few different stockists. They even make an Old Fashioned Gravy that is all-natural, free range, gluten free, with no additives!

After awhile the girls started to get tired and the crowds started coming in so we decided it would be a good idea to get going. I headed back to Chobani where I thought they were going to give me another tub or two to take home. To my surprise they gave me a whole mixed box of yogurt! We ended up separating it between my in-laws, my parents and ourselves to take home and Lily has loved trying a different flavour yogurt each day.

We got back to our in-law’s at almost the same time as the boys. Their day had been full of seasickness, chilling winds and not much fish being caught but they seemed to have a good time. Thankfully they caught enough fish to make us all fish and chips for dinner!

The Flying Drunken Monkey - Fish & Chips

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I received one ticket for the show from Chobani and products on the day. I also received products from The Stock Merchant.

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