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October 20, 2014 by flyingdrunkenmonkey

Seebo MAXX sponsored review - The Flying Drunken Monkey

This is a sponsored post for Seebo MAXX and Digital Parents Collective.

Seebo MAXX is a locally made entertainment hub that is set to launch into the Australian market just in time to entertain families for Christmas. Conceived, developed and manufactured in Australia, Seebo MAXX is in a category of its own – a stylish device that combines the most desirable features of an ultra-smart set top box, a media streamer and a hybrid media player – all-in-one.

Seebo MAXX provides consumers with access to live TV and recording, ultra fast video streaming, ability to connect Apple and Android devices to share music, pictures and videos with friends and family, enjoy content from dedicated Internet TV channels (IPTV) and on-demand content libraries. Access favourite songs, radio stations and podcasts, interact with friends on Social Media platforms and keep your family safe with parental controls.

The custom designed RF remote is feature packed and so easy to use. Consumers can easily navigate their viewing experience with just six buttons and flip the remote over to use the full QWERTY keyboard. Seebo MAXX is also equipped with 500GB of HDD storage and dual tuner to record free to air TV, 7.1 Dolby Digital surround sound.

I was recently invited to the launch event of the Seebo MAXX thanks to Digital Parents Collective. Unfortunately I had started to feel ill the night before and just wasn’t up to attending. I finally got to the doctor the next day and it turns out I had tonsillitis! So I probably wouldn’t have been great company anyway.

Instead, the kind folk at Seebo Networks sent me a sample of the new Seebo MAXX to use for a week. Score!

I was heading down to my parents’ house for the long weekend so I decided to take the Seebo MAXX with me. This had two bonuses – my brother could set it up for me and I would be able to use it with their big screen TV!

It turns out I probably could’ve set it up myself as it’s rather intuitive to do. Just a few cords to plug from the TV to the Seebo MAXX and the aerial and the wifi is easily set up as well.

The one thing we found the Seebo MAXX excellent for is watching Youtube. The girls have really gotten in to dancing to music videos so we were able to put them up on the big TV for them to dance in front of – much better than the little screen on the laptop. The sound was obviously a lot better too.

My brother currently has a media player set up which has TV shows and movies on it (we have one at home too) and it was easy to access this through the Seebo MAXX. However, the Seebo MAXX would eliminate the need for this – we’d simply use the Seebo MAXX as the hard drive.

You can also access any free-to-view media, through the internet and TV apps. We had a quick flick through and I was rather excited about the fact that you can easily access ABC iView – Peppa Pig on demand! Basically, any media that you can access for free on the internet or digital TV you can now access in one place on the Seebo MAXX.

The quality is great – my parents’ do not have great internet speeds due to where they live but we didn’t notice any problems while streaming over Wifi. Definitely a plus!

One thing I was really impressed by was the remote. Yes, really! It lit up as soon as you picked it up, could work from anywhere in the house due to being on a radio frequency, had a keyboard on the back so you could easily type and was just really easy to use.

There was a few downsides however we’re not sure if they may have been from the way we set it up. One thing we noticed that the TV screen kept dimming – it wasn’t overly noticeable and as I said it could have been something we hadn’t connected or set up correctly.

My brother noticed that the unit’s fan was quite noisy and the box seemed to get quite hot by the end of the evening using it. So it would be important to make sure there was enough ventilation around it when you set it up.

One thing that my brother would have liked to have seen was a TV aerial output. The Seebo MAXX is obviously set up so that everything runs through the unit but he would’ve prefered to have the TV aerial connected to the TV as well, especially as he didn’t want to disconnect it for this trial. However, he said you could fix this by buying a splitter.

Overall, this is a very fun unit to use and would definitely come in handy. I can see it becoming like the “no-subscription” version of cable TV.

Seebo MAXX is available for purchase from the end of October 2014 (but you can pre-order now from the website). RRP $599

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. I was invited to the launch event (but did not attend) and received a one week trial of the product. All opinions are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of the company.

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