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  1. May Decluttering Task ★ The “Microwave Cupboard”

    July 11, 2012 by flyingdrunkenmonkey

    Decluttering in the kitchen - the Flying Drunken Monkey

    This post has been sitting in my drafts folder for ages and I keep moving it back in my schedule. I have no idea why I keep putting it off (it’s such a simple post about decluttering!) but I decided to bite the bullet and get it up today! So here goes!! Part of May’s […]


  2. This Week’s Cleaning Zone ★ The Kitchen

    June 18, 2012 by flyingdrunkenmonkey

    2012-06-15 20.34.32

    I seem to have struck a bit of a funk lately with my housework. I think it’s the bad weather, I’m just not getting anything done. The washing pile is growing and growing and the clean washing is taking days and days to dry. I didn’t get much done in the cleaning zone last week […]


  3. May Decluttering Task ★ Under the Kitchen Sink

    May 23, 2012 by flyingdrunkenmonkey

    2012-05-08 15.06.13

    This month’s Decluttering Zone is the Kitchen so I decided to attack the cupboard under the sink. The above photo is the before photo. I can’t remember the last time I cleared out this cupboard. There is all of the cleaning stuff, extra bottles of soft drink, millions of plastic bags from before we got […]


  4. This Week’s Cleaning Zone ★ Kitchen

    May 21, 2012 by flyingdrunkenmonkey


    As this month’s decluttering zone is the kitchen we have already done a bit of work in this week’s cleaning zone. I have decluttered the top of the fridge, under the sink and last Saturday we decluttered the big “microwave” cupboard (above is the “before” picture). So, this week I should be able to concentrate […]


  5. May Decluttering Zone ★ Kitchen

    May 2, 2012 by flyingdrunkenmonkey


    I had originally planned to work on the Master Bedroom this month but decided to make the kitchen this month’s Decluttering Zone after seeing last week how much needs to be done. This was my original list from earlier in the year: ♥ De-clutter top of fridge ♥ De-clutter microwave cupboard ♥ De-clutter end of […]


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