The night I got nude with Eden and Mrs Woog

December 6, 2011 by flyingdrunkenmonkey

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Ok, so I didn’t really get in the nuddy with Eden and Mrs Woog. Not that I wouldn’t be willing to, it just wasn’t that sort of occasion. Perhaps if Mrs Woog had kept plying me with alcohol… but alas I had to drive home. But I am foreseeing some very interesting google searches with this post title!

So, what did I actually do last Wednesday? Well I attended the very first session of “Nudiversity” – blogging workshops run by Naked Communications (this workshop was entitled “Approaching and Working with Brands”). Mrs Woog and Eden have both worked closely with Naked for the past year so they were on hand to answer questions from a bloggers P.O.V and provide us with interesting anecdotes and gossip.

I arranged for my parents-in-law to come and babysit and it wasn’t until I was getting ready to leave that I realised that Lily hadn’t had a nap. Oh well, that was for the grandparents to deal with now! :)

I had decided it was easiest to drive, yet I spent the whole drive stressing that I wouldn’t be able to find a parking space and I’d end up being extremely late.

After trying to do a really dodgy reverse park, with a man in his truck helping to direct me, (where on earth have my reverse parking skills gone?! I used to be able to do perfect parks!) I ended up darting across the road to where there was about 5 parking spaces that I had somehow missed.

Getting my high heels on as I hopped out of the car was a little hard as my hands were shaking with nerves but I got them on and headed over to the building. I ran in to Lina from Mother’s Love Letter’s in the lift and she seemed way too calm and collected, but she helped to calm my nerves.

Once inside the offices we found Eden, busily hitching up her pants after a bathroom break. She’s all about keeping it real! :) We then met some more participants and the introductions were made over and over as people kept arriving.

Thankfully, the wonderful Lorraine then appeared with name tags for everyone. After greeting Mrs Woog wedding-line style we were led down a marvelous Willy Wonka style corridor to the room where the presentation would take place.

There was rooms adjoined to the circular room – a “bathroom” with a tub used as a desk and a toilet housing a pot plant, a “golf room” where Mrs Woog had tried out her swing earlier and a tool room. So cool!

After some general mixing where I met the amazing Beth from BabyMac and Gabbie from Gabriela Smith Photography, we were asked to take our seats. I was extremely chuffed when Mrs Woog asked me to sit next to her and set to work trying not to eat the entire cheese platter by myself.

So now it was time for the actual presentation (Gosh it’s taken me a while to get this point, hasn’t it?!). I won’t share the whole presentation but I’d like to share a few things I learned;

♥ Try to sum up your blog in 15 words or less – it will help you to define your blog and can be used as an “Elevator Pitch” for brands. Here’s two I’ve thought of for my blog;

“One woman’s struggle against housework, her plans to improve and photos of her gorgeous daughter.”


“Housework, recipes, photos, happiness, meal plans, videos, weekly plans and a good dose of craziness.”

I’m still not really happy with either of them. Can you think of a better one?

♥ Media Kits are important as they provide all of your important details in one document.

♥ Eden doesn’t have a Media Kit.

♥ All of the participants agreed that they should not be called Media Kits – the word “Media” sends the wrong message to brands. Brand or Position Statement was one suggestions.

♥ One of the most important things to include in your Position Statement is you average number of comments / reader response. This shows your reach and reader engagement.

♥ It’s also a good idea to include examples of comments and emails you have received from readers. Keep a “brag file/folder” to keep track of these as you go.

♥ Include examples of work you have done with other brands.

♥ Research the brand before you approach them. Brands like to see that you know them.

♥ Subscribe to Google Alerts for the company and read their media releases – keep track of what the company is up to and look for ways you can align your blog with their brand.

♥ Research what charities the brand supports – if you have already done work for these charities then let the brand know.

It was a really informative presentation! Mrs Woog and Eden both gave great examples they have had with dealing with brands and the conversation flowed around the room as well.

Because bloggers know how to talk the presentation ran over time and I had to leave not long after it had finished as I had already gone half an hour over my paid parking. Thankfully I didn’t get a parking fine! But of course I got home to discover that Lily was still awake! Luckily she hadn’t been too bad for her grandparents but it still took over an hour for me to get her to sleep.

Big thank you’s to Lorraine, Larissa and the rest of the Naked Communication team for hosting the night and Eden and Mrs Woog for their invaluable insights.

Lorraine was nice enough to send us a copy of her presentation and she has agreed to let me share it with you! If you would like a copy please send me an email at cassiebarlow86 at gmail dot com.

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  1. Emma says:

    wonderful blog post cass, sounded like a very interesting night!!

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