{This Week’s Fly Zone} – The Computer Room

May 31, 2011 by flyingdrunkenmonkey

Yes, the zone this week is supposed to be the Living Room / Entrance Way, however, I am quite happy with how they are at the moment (except for a good vacuum and a general tidy). Instead, I thought I would tackle our computer room which is in desperate need of attention. I will probably do this every 2 or so months as I haven’t really allocated the computer room to it’s own zone yet.

I’ve mentioned the computer room before. It’s a bit of a strange room, really just a halfway room, a means to an end. As you go up the stairs the door to the bedroom is straight in front of you. You head to the left and you are in the computer room which is about the width of two hallways, and leads in to the kitchen. There is a row of bookshelves alongside the staircase, a large cupboard that holds who knows what, a chest of drawers for Lily’s clothes and a computer table. At various times there is also a vacuum cleaner hanging around as well as a fan, or bags that have to go to my sister or to charity, or a heap of toys and various things that Lily has brought in to the room. Almost always there is a heap of books on the floor that Lily likes to pull down off the bookshelves.

The computer table is normally overflowing with paperwork and rubbish and as we don’t normally use the desktop computer much you often need to push through the piles to get to it. The top of the drawers is normally covered with Lily’s clothes that need to be put away plus things that won’t fit on the computer table. The top of the bookshelves has become a dumping ground for things that are brought upstairs and even though I did clean it as part of one of my BabySteps it hasn’t stayed clean.

It is really a dumping ground and can make the whole upstairs area seem messy, even when it isn’t.

So, anyway, here’s what I’m going to do this week:

Computer Room;

  • Dust
  • Tidy off desk
  • Filing
  • Tidy off top of drawers
  • Tidy off top of bookshelves
  • De-clutter cupboard
  • Vacuum

Since this post is going up a bit late for this week I can tell you that I have already done some this. On the weekend I put all of the books back on the shelves and gave upstairs a good vacuum. On Sunday we bought a new external hard drive to use as a back up so I started to connect that up on Monday. As I was under the table plugging it in I realised that the cords were all a mess and it was impossible to tell which cord went where. So while Mr Monkey & Lily had an afternoon nap I pulled out some red electrical tape, scissors and a pen and got to work. I labelled each end of the cords and sorted them out so they won’t tied up together.

I then started to clean off the table, grabbing a plastic bag and throwing away the rubbish as I went. I sorted the paperwork in to one pile and it has gone on top of the drawers with the rest of the filing that needs to be done. All of the paper that was printed on but discarded has gone in to a pile for recycling. I wiped the table down with my vinegar mixture (half vinegar, half water with a squirt of dishwashing liquid in a spray bottle) and it is looking much better.

I will confess that I haven’t done anything in the room today; the weather is absolutely terrible and my mood almost matches it so we have been cuddling on the couch watching TV and playing on the laptop. I hope to be feeling better tomorrow and will get back in to it as well as take the first photo for the 30 day photo challenge!

So there you have it, my plan for the week. I’ll let you know how I go at the end of the month.

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  1. Heather says:

    I wish you lots of luck! I need to clean off my desk in the dining room. That’s very messy. It’s become the dumping grounds for what I haven’t done yet.

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