We’re moving!!

September 5, 2012 by flyingdrunkenmonkey


You may have noticed it has been a little quiet around here lately. If you “like” my Facebook page you’ll know why. We’re moving house!

We hadn’t been seriously looking; just watching what was coming up and going to a few open houses. We viewed one house around the corner and it seemed to be what we needed. Mr Monkey took Lily through the first time and then Lily took me through a few days later. I spoke to the real estate and she mentioned that the owner was willing to drop the weekly rent by $20! That’s huge in this area – normally people are offering more each week in order to get the house! So we decided to put the application in and surprise surprise we got it!

So, we get the keys tomorrow and we’ve spent the last week packing. We have two weeks left in the old house but we are going to try and get everything moved early and spend the rest of the time cleaning and painting the old house (we have a few scratches in the walls and the landlord agreed to us painting to be able to get the bond back).

So, until we are all settled in I’ll probably be a bit quiet on here. Plus, I don’t know when we’ll have the internet set up. But look out for some moving and packing posts when we’re back to normal!!

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