What do you eat for lunch?

October 19, 2012 by flyingdrunkenmonkey


I’m really terrible at eating lunch, especially eating something filling and good for me.

If we are out and about doing the grocery shopping I normally get a Boost juice and sushi for Lily and I. Now that I’m pregnant I can’t have sushi and normally end up with McDonalds or KFC or something else just as terribly bad for me (is it just me or is it incredibly hard to find something in a food court that you can eat while pregnant?!).

If we spend the day at home we quite often have just a sandwich or toast, or 2 minute noodles (without the seasoning, drain the water, add frozen peas and grated cheese). Not filling and definitely not good for me in terms of the noodles. Having sandwiches every day isn’t good for me either.

Lily normally has whatever I’m having, as well as fruit or snacks throughout the day. But I am really starting to feel that she needs to eat better.

I’ve been following Veggie Mama’s “Kid Food” series; she shares what her daughter is eating for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Her daughter is a little younger than Lily but they are all simple meals and I feel like I should be giving Lily more of a range of food, something more interesting.

I think it’s too easy to get stuck in a rut with food and I need some inspiration for change. So, what do you eat for lunch? Do you have any tips for easy lunches?

I’m after things that I don’t need to have a lot of ingredients for, that I can make more than one lunch from (e.g. tortillas for wraps, quesadillas etc) and that are easy, quick and simple to make.

So hit me with them!!

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