Winner ★ Lipton Sustainable Tea

June 21, 2012 by flyingdrunkenmonkey


And the winner is…..


Narelle R!

Congrats Narelle!

There was some great tips shared in the entries. It seems a lot of you are trying to live a more environmentally friendly and sustainable life!

Mr Monkey chose the winner and he liked Narelle’s entry:

” recycle, grow your own vegetables and herbs, limit your use of electricity and gas and use your legs more than your car!”

Some other great tips were:

“I teach my children to be eco-friendly so they learn to look after the planet! We love growing our own fruit and veggies too.”

Jennifer S.

Op-shopping, both giving to and buying from op shops. I hate wastage and there is nothing better than reusing or repurposing things!”

 Kim M.

“Recycling all paper products, plastic containers and of course those wine bottles opened every weekend.”

Melinda N.

“Re-use and Recycle are the main ones. Get into the habit of hand washing dishes and hanging your clothes out your not only saving the environment but also your dollars in your pocket.”

Sim N.

“Beautiful candles instead of lightbulbs, and growing your own fruit and veges. Nothing tastes better than absolutley fresh.”

Barbara J.

“We are big on saving water in our house. Water used to heat my son’s bottles is tipped into a bucket, along with all his dirty bibs to soak. When I’m ready to do a load of washing, the whole lot gets tipped into the machine. Water from cooking vegetables is also kept in a bucket and poured over the garden.”

Alyce L.

“Source food locally.  But, for products that cannot be sourced locally, look for the Rainforest Alliance Certified seal!”

Nafeesa I.

“Eliminating waste is a big deal for me. We recycle all packages and products that we can. We also have a compost bin for vege scraps and garden waste. But my best tip is the to put the tea leaves back into the garden!! I collect them after every cup or pot of tea and then once they have cooled, I put them either in the garden or on the pot plants =0″

Rochelle R.

Thank you to every one that entered and for all of the great tips!!

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