10 Things You Didn’t Want To Know About Me

September 25, 2011 by flyingdrunkenmonkey

I don’t normally do these things but the lovely Tattoo Mummy pinged me last night and I thought it’d be rude to not respond.

So here we go:

  • 1. I get terribly excited whenever someone acknowledges me in the blogging world. I think it’s that old need to be popular. So sad really.
  • 2. I always have to brush my hair, then my teeth, then moisturizer, mascara, deodorant then perfume. If I do it in any other order I always forget something.
  • 3. I use cloth nappies for Lily and seriously can’t stand disposables. We’ve had to use them a few times when we’ve gone away and I just can’t stand the smell.
  • 4. I’ve been wanting to get a tattoo for quite a few years now but know I probably never well because I’m just too chicken about the pain and the permanency factors.
  • 5. I’m nosy. Everytime I go out on my back balcony I check to see what my neighbors have been up to. It kills me that I don’t know much about our new neighbours. I miss the gay guys and their poor old dog.
  • 6. I get as excited as a little kid about mail. I check the mail box every time I walk past it, even on weekends. I feel cheated if Mr Monkey gets mail and I don’t. Parcels are the best.
  • 7. I complain about how tired I am during the day but I find it incredibly hard to go to sleep at night. Never before 12, sometimes not even before 4am. Lily is starting to become a morning person and it is starting to kill me.
  • 8. I’m stupidly excited about the new Facebook timeline. I don’t even know why. I don’t use Facebook that much anymore and the changes aren’t that spectacular, yet I still got developer access so I could get the Timeline earlier. I suppose I’m just a nerd.
  • 9. Tattoo Mummy, I forget to brush my teeth on days when I don’t leave the house. Actually I normally forget to get dressed on those days too. And feed myself.
  • 10. I wish I was a better writer. I think I’ve got a pretty good command of the written word but never feel like I’ve portrayed the level of humor or feeling that I’ve wanted to.

Phew! I’m glad that’s over!

And now I ping Sparkle Says, bigwordsblog, Edenland & Veggie Mama.

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  1. bigwords says:

    I forget to brush my teeth when I’m home ALL THE TIME!!! Hey, I loved reading this blog post. Please do more and send them to me, ok!? Hope you are having a great weekend x
    bigwords recently posted…The AnticipationMy Profile

  2. edenland says:

    Looks like I need to talk you into getting a tattoo. Good on you for cloth nappying, wish I did that. X

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