Who is the Flying Drunken Monkey?

The Faces behind The Flying Drunken Monkey

In a tiny little house in Inner-West Sydney (although it’s bigger than the last) there lives a little family of four.

There’s the Mum, Cassie, aka The Flying Drunken Monkey. She’s a Stay at Home Mum, a blogger, an anxiety-disorder sufferer, a social media addict, a bookkeeping sometimes studier, a reader of many books, a drinker of many cups of coffee and tea, a taker of many photos, a list maker, a housework procrastinator, a babywearing, co-sleeping, “baby led weaning” type mother, and the eater of a great deal of chocolate.

There’s the Dad, aka Mr Monkey. He’s an overworking head chef in the city, a dreamer of big ideas, an excellent cook, a encyclopedia of Simpsons quotes, a lover not a fighter, a music nerd, a helper & a confidante, and the best Daddy in the world.

There’s Lily, who’s four. She’s loud, excitable, stubborn, grumpy and hard work. But she’s also loving, smiley, so smart and a beautiful dancer, drawer and singer, and an amazing big sister.

There’s Chloe, the baby. She’s also loud, excitable, stubborn, grumpy and hard work. But she’s also adorable, cheerful, giggly, a constant eater and the best little sister.

Plus, there’s Mikka, the cat. He’s a 7 year old Tuxedo domestic shorthair with a big bushy tail and a rather grumpy and aloof disposition. He’s extremely tolerant of little hands and only meows at Mr Monkey when he wants to be fed.

All in all, it’s a house of love but also crazy shambles. A house of hugs and kisses and dirty dishes and piles of toys.

It’s a happy little family in a messy little home. These are their stories.

(P.S you can contact me at admin@flyingdrunkenmonkey.com)


  1. Mrs Sparkle says:

    Love your new About Me page =)

  2. […] $100 for Cassie at Flying Drunken Monkey – That’s Cassie and her gorgeous baby in the photo up top which I stole from her interesting, artistic about page. […]

  3. Tanya says:

    Just had to pop by and check out your site :-) Thanks for popping over to my blog this morning.
    I’ll be sure to start following along with your posts.
    Tanya recently posted…A small win: Organising the computer desk!My Profile

  4. Hi Cassie, this is SUCH a cute About (You) page. So lovely to get a bit of a feel for you. I’m looking forward to meeting you in March. Just visiting today as I work on pairing up buddies :)
    Kirrily @ Sunny Side Up recently posted…The IronyMy Profile

  5. I hate the fact that I can’t afford a house out here either! Prices are ridiculous….I’d love to buy in Willoughby, but I don’t happen to have a spare million laying about :(

  6. Hey there, just wanted to stop by and say hello! I am forever in your debt for the nutella mug recipe and will be stopping by more often! Steph x

  7. Great about page and blog, I always get blog envy when I drop by other people’s blog. Need to have a play around with my blog settings again…ho hum, add it to the list!

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