April Monthly Decluttering Zone ★ The Lounge Room

April 14, 2012 by flyingdrunkenmonkey


This was the original list of things I had planned for decluttering the lounge room:

♥ Organise DVDs = sell ones we don’t watch
♥ Organise PS3, Wii etc = work out what to do with ones we don’t use, organise cords and remotes
♥ De-clutter top of TV cabinet
♥ Look at getting a smaller TV unit
♥ Organise a place to keep camera

Well, that was the plan until a few weeks ago when Mr Monkey decided he was ready to let go of his entertainment unit and buy a new one. Which we did this week, coincidently on his birthday. So that changed the plans a little.

♥ Organise DVDs = sell ones we don’t watch – I would still like to do this, especially as we’ve lost the storage that was in the entertainment unit (we are looking at getting another DVD storage cabinet in the future) but Mr Monkey doesn’t want to part with any of his DVDs or CDs. Of course, he has watched hardly any of the DVDs in the seven years we’ve been together… We do need to sort out somewhere to store the DVDs and CDs for the meantime as they are currently in the bed in the spare room and stuffed in to the bookshelf.

♥ Organise PS3, Wii etc = work out what to do with ones we don’t use, organise cords and remotes – the PS3 and Wii have been moved on to the new cabinet. We use the PS3 to play DVDs and I’m trying to use the Wii for Wii Fit Plus regularly so they both need to stay. I’m trying to convince Mr Monkey to sell the DVD player as we haven’t used it in months. He has put it in the new unit but hasn’t plugged it in as we still need somewhere to store it until we decide what to do with anyway. The cords are a bit neater with this unit and the remotes have gone in one of the drawers so don’t make such a mess.

♥ De-clutter top of TV cabinet – obviously doesn’t need to be done anymore as we did it when we changed units. However, we do need to find a place for all of the stuff that was put in to the spare room.

♥ Look at getting a smaller TV unit – done! Yay!

♥ Organise a place to keep camera – I used to keep the camera on top of the entertainment unit so it was out of the way. It wouldn’t be out of the way on this unit so I moved it on to one of the hooks in the entry way. This is ok but I’m a bit worried about it as it shares a hook with my handbag and might get knocked around a little.

So, I suppose I need a new list now!!

♥ Find a place for all of the things that have just been moved around the house
♥ Work out a solution for the DVDs and CDs
♥ Put up wedding photo behind couch
♥ Buy new lamp
♥ Clean stairs
♥ Reorganise hook storage in entry way
♥ Decide what to do with DVD player
♥ Sell old entertainment unit
♥ Organise another power board

Hmm, so it seems that this list is longer than the last. Didn’t really think that would happen! Looks like we have a lot to do this month.

What room in your house needs focused work this month? Will you join me in decluttering?

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