{Decluttering} – My plan for the house

February 7, 2012 by flyingdrunkenmonkey


I’m determined to de-clutter our house this year. I’ve decided to allocate a Zone per month and work on de-cluttering as much as possible in that month. This way I have a deadline, but it is not too restrictive and more realistic.

The following is a list of everything I want to achieve in each room (not
zone). They aren’t all necessarily de-cluttering tasks but will help towards the de-cluttering process.

You are quite welcome to join me for the monthly de-cluttering task! You don’t have to do the same task as I’m doing, as you are not likely to have the same issues as I do. Just have a look at the different rooms of your house and make a note of the areas that need work.

Spare Room

♥ Filing
♥ De-clutter bookshelf
♥ De-clutter Lily’s toys
♥ De-clutter end of bed

Lounge Room

♥ Organise DVDs = sell ones we don’t watch
♥ Organise PS3, Wii etc = work out what to do with ones we don’t use, organise cords and remotes
♥ De-clutter top of TV cabinet
♥ Look at getting a smaller TV unit
♥ Organise a place to keep camera

Computer Room

♥ De-clutter cupboard
♥ De-clutter top of drawers
♥ De-clutter jewellery box
♥ Organise book shelves
♥ Sort Lily’s clothes
♥ Better storage for Lily’s toys??


♥ Work out storage for socks
♥ Go through boxes under bed (Mr Monkey)
♥ De-clutter bits and bobs under bed
♥ Re-organise bedside tables


♥ De-clutter top of fridge
♥ De-clutter microwave cupboard
♥ De-clutter end of bench
♥ De-clutter under sink
♥ De-clutter pots and pans cupboard
♥ De-clutter top of microwave cupboard
♥ Clean oven
♥ Buy basket to hang dishwashing utensils above the sink
♥ Buy brackets to hang mop and brooms


♥ Re-organise towel cupboard
♥ Sort and replace towels
♥ Clean behind washing machine
♥ De-clutter broom cupboard
♥ Clean window


♥ De-clutter toys
♥ Clean shower curtain
♥ Better storage for Lily’s toys?
♥ Move Mikka’s food??

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