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December 15, 2011 by flyingdrunkenmonkey

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I mentioned a little while ago that I had started something new with my organising and that I would share it if it worked out. Well it seems to be working so here it is!

Click to download Daily to-do – Black and White
Click to download Daily To-Do – Colours

I use the black and white version as it is cheaper but I have included one file that has the template in different colours – blue, purple, green and red.

So, as you know, I have my Weekly Plan which helps me to organise and keep track of the week ahead, as well as meal plan. I have my Weekly Cleaning Zones but only use my Google Calendar on my iPhone to keep track of the month’s activities. I need to sort something out so that I’m not trying to organise only week-to-week. I’m thinking this from Kikki-K.

But it is great to be able to plan the whole week although our plans can change from day-to-day and I can’t schedule everything at the beginning of the week. It’s nice to sit down in the morning, or the night before, and go over my plan for the day.

I have a section at the top for dinner, which reminds me if I need to get something out of the freezer to defrost or go to the shops to buy ingredients.

I then have a section for General To-Dos – these are errands I need to run or maybe things I need to look up and organise or even just remember (e.g. put bins out!).

Under that I have a section for Blog To-Dos – this obviously wouldn’t be for everyone but I use it to keep track of what posts I need to write or changes I need to make that day. This section is customisable on the templates.

Probably most important is the cleaning sections. First is a section to assign which Zone Task to do that day. I then have my list of Daily Tasks and my Weekly Tasks to cross off. These lists are also customisable so you can modify them to suit your household.

I have set it up to print 3 to one A4 page – mainly to save paper but it is also helpful to if I decide to move a task to the next day. It would also be easy to print one day per A4 page. The templates are quite customisable but if you’d like to make any major changes please let me know and I can see what I can do. And don’t forget to come back and tell me what you think if you do use it!

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