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June 28, 2014 by flyingdrunkenmonkey

Giveaway - AMBI PUR ALLERGEN REDUCER The Flying Drunken Monkey

We’ve been pretty lucky so far; our little family of four have no allergies. Although, I do have a bad reaction whenever I have codeine. It must be pretty interesting seeing me climb walls and seeing spiders!

However, my brother has allergies, to things like dust, cigarette smoke and nuts, which affect his sinuses and therefore his hearing ability. It’s a rather strange allergy, I think, and not one that you hear of often. But the effects are very obvious as soon as he has been around someone who smokes, has something even cooked in peanut oil or has a buildup of dust in his room.

So when Ambi Pur sent me samples of their new Ambi Pur Allergen Reducer I passed them onto my Mum to try out around the house.

My parents just got a new dog – a gorgeous little Staffy/ Cattle Dog rescue. They also have a 7yo Staffy so there is already a lot of doggy smells around the house and little tiny dog hairs flying around the place. They also have a fluffy white cat, with lots of fluffy white fur. There is actually 5 people in their house at the moment, including a 3yo, so there is probably a lot of allergens being disturbed daily.

Mum used the Ambi Pur Allergen Reducer Febreze Fabric Refresher on the dog’s blankets, the couches and beds and said she noticed a difference within days. The doggy smell had disappeared and the inside of the house smelt and felt fresher.

My brother used the Fabric Refresher and the Ambi Pur Allergen Reducer Air Effects in his room. While he is a man of few words he has noticed a much fresher room as well.

Now I’m thinking I need to get the sprays back and give them a go myself!


Giveaway - AMBI PUR ALLERGEN REDUCER The Flying Drunken MonkeyIt’s easy to overlook the allergens that lurk in most homes, as allergen particles are too small to be seen with the naked eye. Often, they’re carried into the home by family members, fresh air and pets, and a normal cleaning routine is not enough to prevent them from becoming airborne.

Luckily the new Ambi Pur Allergen Reducer Febreze Fabric Refresher helps to clean the air you breathe by reducing up to 95% of inanimate allergens that can become airborne from fabrics in the home* and provides additional benefits that a normal cleaning routine cannot.

In celebration of the NEW breakthrough Ambi Pur Allergen Reducer range – also available in Air Effects, The Flying Drunken Monkey is giving you the chance to WIN one of two special home care prize pack valued at $51.83.

Take the Ambi Pur home allergen test at to find out if your home is at risk and what to do to protect your family from the harmful effects of allergens so you can all breathe happy!

Terms and conditions: The Flying Drunken Monkey’s Ambi Pur Allergen Reducer giveaway will be judged on creativity and originality. The competition opens Saturday, June 28th at 05.00am AEST and closes on Saturday, July 5th, 2014 at 11.59pm AEST. One entry per person only. Australian entries only, sorry. There are 2 prizes to be won, worth $51.83 in total. The winners will be notified via email and published on this blog. Entries remain the property of The Flying Drunken Monkey and may be republished. The prizes will be sent directly to the winner by the PR company. For full competition terms and conditions, click here.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of the company.

* Refers to inanimate allergens like pet dander, dust mite matter and pollen from birch tree, timothy grass and ragweed that can become airborne from fabrics in the home

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