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June 3, 2013 by flyingdrunkenmonkey

Peter Pan Giveaway - The Flying Drunken Monkey

Peter Pan begins in the London nursery of Wendy, John, and Michael Darling, whose parents are frustrated by their misbehaving children and imploring their eldest, Wendy, to grow up. Announcing it as her last night in the nursery, the parents depart for the evening. It is then that the children are visited by Peter Pan, the boy who never grew up. With the help of his fairy friend Tinker Bell, Peter teaches them to fly and takes them to Never Never Land. This enchanted island is home to Peter, Tink, the Lost Boys, Tiger Lily and her Native American nation, and the evil Captain Hook who is as intent on defeating Peter Pan as he is from escaping the tick-­‐tocking crocodile that once ate his hand.

A little while ago I was invited by Disney to attend an exclusive family screening of Peter Pan to celebrate it’s 60th Anniversary & it’s re-release on DVD and BluRay. Unfortunately I had to decline as the timing just wasn’t right – as it was, Chloe was born on the day of the screening!

However, the folks at Disney were kind enough to send me a DVD copy of the movie to review. Lily is actually watching it right now as I write this post. She is obsessed with watching movies at the moment and we are slowly building up our collection of kid’s DVDs. This came in extremely handy in the last few weeks of my pregnancy and the first few weeks after Chloe was born. I’m actually a little ashamed to admit exactly how many movies she watched in that time!

I’ve loved watching the way Lily has grown and how much she understands and gets out of the stories now. She has even started to interact with the movies; I was in the other room a few days ago as she was watching Thomas & Friends when I heard her yell out “No Diesel! STOP!!!!”. She also gets very happy at the end of movies saying “yay! He did it!” or looking all soppy at the happy ending. Now, whenever she reads a book she finishes it with “And they lived happily ever after.” I think she may have been watching too many Disney movies!

Nawww, she just started waving her head in time to the “tick tock” from the clock in the crocodile!

I love that Peter Pan, like all Disney movies, is timeless – I remember watching it and loving it when I was a child and now I can pass it on to Lily, and she loves it too. Her Poppy (my Dad) even watched it at the cinemas when it was first released! There a few parts that may be a little time and location/culture specific, such as the use of the word “nursery” or the use of the pitcher of water in the nursery, but these are easily skimmed over. The basic plot, the sense of wonder, imagination and fun carries on through the years.

I decided to ask Lily a few questions about the movie as she was watching it;

Who is your favourite character? - “Tinkerbell!”
Who is your least favourite character?“I don’t like the snake (crocodile) that comes to the ship!”

I tried to ask her more questions but she started a meltdown and it was impossible to get anything more out of her. All because I said she couldn’t watch another movie! I did ask her to tell me what her favourite part of the movie was and she said it was one of the songs. However, she didn’t know the words of the song and I couldn’t get it from the part that she sung to me.

Peter Pan Giveaway

Now here’s your chance to win one of three BluRay copies of Peter Pan (RRP $49.95). Simply fill out the form below making sure to answer the question. Mr Monkey will choose a winner so make sure to think about it!

Giveaway is now closed! Thank you for entering!

Terms and conditions: The Flying Drunken Monkey’s Peter Pan giveaway will be judged on creativity and originality. The competition opens Monday, June 3rd at 10.00am AEST and closes on Monday, June 17th at 10.00am AEST. One entry per person only. Australian entries only, sorry. There are 3 BluRay copies of Peter Pan (RRP $49.95) to be won. Total prize pool $149.85. The winners will be notified via email and published on this blog. Entries remain the property of The Flying Drunken Monkey and may be republished. For full competition terms and conditions, click here

Disclaimer: I was invited to attend the screening but was unable to attend. I was sent a DVD copy of the movie. The prizes will be sent directly to the winner. All opinions are my own.

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  1. It’s an enduring classic the ol’ Peter Pan – and the idea of Neverland is STILL appealing :-)
    Alison Hallworth recently posted…Teeth and boy bandsMy Profile

  2. Yvette says:

    Love Peter Pan!!! My daughter gets excited at movies when they get something or defeat the Basie!! It’s so cute to watch!

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