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August 8, 2012 by flyingdrunkenmonkey


Fair warning, this is a long one!! But just keep reading and you’ll see the great giveaway!

Recently I was invited by Hausmann Communications to attend the “Life Before P&G Blogger Challenge, a day of Olympic style events to celebrate P&G as the “Proud Sponsor of Mums”. There was 6 bloggers attending and we were all in with a chance to win $5,000 to further our blog. Well, this video explains it all:

Oh, it’s not nice seeing yourself on screen like that!! I knew I should have washed my hair the night before instead of that morning and tidied it up after the hairdressing event! Oh well, let’s start from the beginning.

P&G Giveaway - The Flying Drunken Monkey

My rather fancy lift to the event.

The day started with Mr Monkey taking Lily with him to his doctor appointment then off to do the grocery shopping so I could get ready in peace. By the sounds of it they had a great time – Lily wouldn’t let Mr Monkey leave the shops until they had sushi and Boost, then wouldn’t let them leave because she wanted to do more shopping. Mr Monkey ended up buying her a hand reel for $2!

I was waiting for my “transport”, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I decided to wait out the front of my house and as I shut the door a man pulled up slowly in front of our house, saw me then stopped a little further up the road (we are on a main road, at a set of traffic lights where there is no parking). Luckily I was expecting something like this or else it would’ve been a bit strange!

I quickly walked to the car and the lovely driver, Greg from 13LIMO, jumped out to open the door for me. It was a very swish and fancy Lexus and I felt rather out of place. But it was fun! And Greg was lovely and such a good driver. Made a difference to my normal car trips with Mr Monkey. :)

There was a bit of a confusion of our to actually find the Hausmann Communications offices so Greg quickly parked the car and actually walked me to the door. Now that’s service!!

Giveaway - P&G - The Flying Drunken Monkey

All of the participants before the “games” began.

I entered the gorgeous office and met the other participants of the bloggers challenge;
★ Helen Lee from Sassybella,
★ Melinda Ayre from The Beauty Hunter,
★ Kim Berry from All Consuming,
★ Nikki Yazxhi from Bellamumma and
★ Emma Healey from What’s In Emma’s Brain.

I’ve met Kim and Emma before but it was lovely to meet all of the bloggers. After a quick coffee and rundown of how the day was going to go we got stuck in to first challenge.

Giveaway - P&G - The Flying Drunken Monkey

The first challenge – recreating a hairstyle. A massive fail for me…

I have a lot of hair. It’s thick and it’s hard to manage. I had also just washed it that morning which makes it even harder to manage. I also have never been any good at complicated hair-dos – I can’t even braid! None of this gave me an advantage in the first challenge. Even the celebrity hairdresser judge, Barney Martin commented after we had finished that I basically had no chance with all my hair.

Giveaway - P&G - The Flying Drunken Monkey

Separating eggs – Mr Monkey’s training came in handy!

Giveaway - P&G - The Flying Drunken Monkey

Whipping the egg whites. What a workout! Mr Monkey tells me my technique was all wrong :(

P&G Giveaway - The Flying Drunken Monkey

But I got pretty close to stiff peaks…

Time for the second challenge which I thought I may have a chance of winning – I’m excellent at separating eggs! Unfortunately I’m also really weak and was not able to whip the eggs fast enough :(

By now my arms were really starting to ache!

P&G Giveaway - The Flying Drunken Monkey

Not on the scoreboard yet :(

Giveaway - P&G - The Flying Drunken Monkey

Washing tea towels on a washboard. Notice my serious face!!

The first “house cleaning” challenge and I had my game face on – I really should win this! It wouldn’t seem right that the one blogger there that focuses on housekeeping didn’t win the washing challenge.

So I got my game face on and steeling myself against the boiling water I got scrubbing. Unfortunately I get dropping the bar of soap and couldn’t grab it out of the hot water! After I quick break and a bit of cold water added I somehow managed to scrub and scrub and those tea towels were… um.. sparkling? I don’t know, they were damn clean!

Giveaway - P&G - The Flying Drunken Monkey

That’s right! I’m a winner :)

Oh I hate looking at photos of myself but I love how I look totally full of myself in this one. :)

P&G Giveaway - The Flying Drunken Monkey

Lunch! Super yummy.

We took a break to eat a really yummy lunch. So much food! Then we got stuck in to the last challenge – washing a pile of plates using only hot water and a tea towel. I wash so many dishes at home so you’d think I’d be good at this but unfortunately I just wasn’t fast enough. Plus, how the hell do you dry dishes with a tea towel without leaving fluff all over them? (I normally just leave them to dry in the rack).

So in the end, no win for me but we did have a tie between Kim & Emma! There was talk of a “wash off” but they kindly decided to split the $5,000 prize between them. Congrats guys!

P&G Giveaway - The Flying Drunken Monkey

Some past ads for P&G

P&G Giveaway - The Flying Drunken Monkey

Some past ads for P&G

P&G Giveaway - The Flying Drunken Monkey

The final scores. At least I got on there!

P&G Giveaway - The Flying Drunken Monkey

My “Runner Up” medal.

Giveaway - P&G - The Flying Drunken Monkey

The lovely hamper that P&G gave me for participating. I have two for you to win too!!


So, I’m sure by now you’re wanting to hear about the giveaway! P&G were kind enough to give me a hamper full of P&G goodies to take home on the day and I now have 2 of the same to give to you! There’s some great products in there – I’m loving the Ambi Pur spray and Mr Monkey loves his super cool razor. Trust me, you’ll love this stuff.

All you have to do is complete the widget below, making sure to answer the question. You can get extra entries by liking my Facebook page or sharing the giveaway on Twitter.

The giveaway closes next Wednesday, 15th August at 2.00pm and I’ll give all of the entries to Mr Monkey to choose a winner. Make sure you put some thought in to your entry, he loves to pick creative ones!

Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms and conditions: The Flying Drunken Monkey’s P&G giveaway will be judged on creativity and originality. The competition opens Wednesday, August 8th at 2.00pm AEST and closes on Wednesday, August 15th at 2.00pm AEST. Australian entries only, sorry. There is 2 prize packs to be won worth over $140 total. The winner will be notified via email and published on this blog. Entries remain the property of The Flying Drunken Monkey and may be republished. For full competition terms and conditions, click here.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. All thoughts are my own. I was invited to attend the lunch and games, my transport was covered and I received a hamper of P&G goodies.

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  1. What a fun & fabulous day of difference! I reckon the room would have been filled with giggles all day. Great prize pack too!

  2. kerry santillo says:

    what a lovely giveaway, thankyou x

  3. Judi Adams says:

    This site is inspirational to me, So much to see, And it would be remiss not to wish you every success on your site’s birthday- an achievement definitely.

  4. Rebecca Baker says:

    What a lovely giveaway =) thanks so much

  5. Looks like you had a lot of fun! Well done on your victory!
    Mademoiselle Slimalicious recently posted…A Father’s Day Healthy Gift Idea (+ Snowgoose Fruit Gift Boxes Giveaway!)My Profile

  6. Sue Bou says:

    Definitely looks like you had a lot of fun :)

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