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October 17, 2013 by flyingdrunkenmonkey

Giveaway - The Jungle Book - The Flying Drunken Monkey

The Jungle Book is based on the adaptation of Rudyard Kipling’s classic novel. Experience the song-filled celebration of friendship, fun and adventure that was the last animated film to receive
Walt Disney’s personal touch.
Embark on a thrilling, adventure-filled journey with the boy Mowgli as he makes his way to the man-village with Bagheera, the wise panther.
Along the way he meets jazzy King Louie, the hypnotic snake Kaa and the lovable, happy-go-lucky bear Baloo, who teaches Mowgli “The Bare Necessities” of life and the true meaning of friendship

Disney movies really are timeless aren’t they? I loved The Jungle Book when I was little, now Lily loves it too. Just like so many other Disney movies.

Giveaway - The Jungle Book - The Flying Drunken Monkey
Watching it again there are so many parts that I had forgotten I loved:

♥ The amazing songs – who wouldn’t love the Bare Necessities? I also love the jazzy feel of the orangutan’s music and the harmonies from the vulture barbershop quartet. (I just read that the vultures were supposed to be voiced by the Beatles! That would’ve been great! You can definitely see that their style is reflected in the vultures.)
♥ The elephants – the baby is so cute and I love the military styling of the adult elephants
♥ King Louie the ape and his monkey friends, and their fun dance moves
♥ “What do you want to do?” “I dunno, what do you want to do?”
♥ And of course, everyone loves Baloo!

Giveaway - The Jungle Book - The Flying Drunken Monkey
Lily watched it with my niece, Olivia, and I asked them what they thought:

“I liked it! I liked when the boy pretended to be a girl.”

Lily, 3.5yo

(It took me awhile to work this out but it turns out she likes the part at the end “where the girl is singing, and getting water. Then the boy gets water for the girl and they go into the jungle”. I asked her if she liked the songs and she said she liked the girl singing.)

“I didn’t like it. It was too scary.”

Olivia, 3yo

There is a few scary parts – no matter how old I am that snake, Kaa, always makes me uneasy, Shere Khan is very intimidating and the brushfire is very scary. There is also the sad section where Mowgli believes Baloo is dead.

I haven’t read the original novel by Rudyard Kipling but I believe it is much darker. The movie still keeps some of these dark themes but for the most part it is much lighter, with fun song sequences and quite a bit of humour.

The Jungle Book Giveaway

Giveaway - The Jungle Book - The Flying Drunken Monkey
Disney have given me three BluRay copies of the Jungle Book to giveaway to my lovely readers!

The BluRay includes some great features including;
♥ Alternate ending
♥ Backstage Disney
♥ Music & more
♥ Deleted scene: The lost character- Rocky the rhino
♥ Disneypedia Junglemania!
♥ Growing up with nine old men
♥ I wanna be like you- hangin’ out at Disney’s animal kingdom
♥ Introduction by Richard Sherman
♥ Audio commentary

Not to mention, the movie has gone through a complete digital restoration and has crystal clear high definition picture and sound!

Just fill in the form below for your chance to win!

Terms and conditions: The Flying Drunken Monkey’s The Jungle Book giveaway will be judged on creativity and originality. The competition opens Thursday, October 17th at 10.00am AEDST and closes on Thursday, October 24th at 10.00am AEDST. One entry per person only. Australian entries only, sorry. There are 3 copies of the Jungle Book on BluRay to be won, worth $149.85 in total. The winners will be notified via email and published on this blog. Entries remain the property of The Flying Drunken Monkey and may be republished. The prizes will be sent directly to the winner by the PR company. For full competition terms and conditions, click here.

Disclaimer: I was not paid for this post, but I did receive a copy of the DVD. All opinions are my own.

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