Giveaway ★ Norton 360™ Multi-Device Anti Virus Protection

February 7, 2013 by flyingdrunkenmonkey

Giveaway - NORTON 360™ MULTI-DEVICE ANTI VIRUS PROTECTION x2 - The Flying Drunken Monkey

Sponsored by Norton

Lily is only 3 (this week!) yet I am constantly amazed and terrified with how technically savvy she is. It started with us downloading an animal sounds app to keep Lily happy in the car and progressed to her playing games in bed next to me when I needed to doze just that little bit more. I learnt quickly to turn off all in-app purchases and thankfully she has never been interested in any of the apps besides the ones in her folders.

She knows how to find her folders of apps, navigate between them, plus operate each app. When my Home button wasn’t working she quickly learnt how to use the accessibility button that I installed on the screen. She knows how to close any notifications that pop up which means I have to keep checking what I’ve missed while she’s been playing.

As I have my phone passcode protected, if she tries to use it without asking me first she can’t. However, I quite often find some wonderful photos and videos in my Camera Roll after she’s had fun with it in the morning while we are sleeping.

She doesn’t use my laptop (although I have found her pressing the keys sneakily when I go out of the room) and only uses the PC to “practice her letters” – we open a Word document for her and she types out the ABC and all of the numbers she knows. When I borrowed my Dad’s iPad when we didn’t have a laptop she quickly learnt how to open that and start the PlaySchool app. Once again, she didn’t use any of the other apps but just went straight to the app she wanted. She also knows how to turn the TV on and which buttons to press to get to ABC4Kids (“2,2, OK!!”).

I sometimes worry that she is becoming too attached to technology. However, while my phone had a broken screen (for almost 2 months!) she wasn’t able to use it. She only asked for it once or twice after I first told her and from then seemed to forget about it. Since I’ve had it fixed she only uses it a few times a week when she wants to play games or watch movies. She probably watches a little too much TV but that’s a different story. :)

Although I think it is amazing what advances have been made with technology and what could become normal in the future it scares me to think how much technology Lily will be exposed to. I plan to always (try) to keep up-to-date with technology as I don’t want to be one of those parents who are clueless as to what their children are getting up to on the internet.

I’m so glad Facebook wasn’t around when I was in school and from what I remember MSN messenger was used pretty sparingly. But all of the stories you hear now of bullying on Facebook and other social media is definitely scary. Who knows what it will be like once Lily is in school, especially high school!? My only hope that is schools are smart and start to introduce cyber safety in to the curriculum. I know a lot of schools are now incorporating laptops and iPads, as common as pens and paper, but I worry that the correct safety techniques and facts are not being taught as well.

I was sent a copy of Norton’s new software – 360™ Multi-Device Anti Virus Protection. Up until this software Norton products were only able to be used on PCs. Now, they’ve expanded their protection to Macs, Android tablets and phones (unfortunately iPhones and iPads aren’t quite covered yet). For only $99 a year you can protect up to 5 devices; lucky for us, we have 4 of those!

I was a bit worried about how hard it would be to add it to all of the devices but, although it took a while to complete each process it was relatively easy to do so. Simply insert the disk in each device and follow the prompts. For tablets and phones you simply go to a webpage and insert the serial number. This serial number means that the software can be used across all devices and by downloading the device manager you can manage each device from one. You need a Norton account but this is easy to set up at the same time.

Another great software that you could download for free with your Norton software is Norton Family Online. Using your Norton account you login and then download the software on to each device. You can set up an account for each child and set controls on what they can access on the internet, what they can search for, how long and at what time they can use the computer and you can also monitor their activity. You can also upgrade to Premium for an extra $99 a month to be able to monitor more – such as videos and social messaging.

Lily is a little young for this but I have set up our MacBook with a separate account for her with the parental controls from Norton on it for when she starts to use it more. I’m sure it won’t cover everything but I hope it will provide us with some reassurance once Lily starts to navigate the online world.

I have two copies of Norton 360™ Multi-Device Anti Virus Protection to give away! Simply fill out the form below, making sure to answer the question and Mr Monkey will choose a winner.


Terms and conditions: The Flying Drunken Monkey’s Norton 360™ Multi-Device Anti Virus Protection giveaway will be judged on creativity and originality. The competition opens Thursday, February 7th at 10.00am AEST and closes on Friday, February 22nd at 10.00am AEST. One entry per person only. Australian entries only, sorry. There are 2 prize packs to be won worth AU$99.99 each. The winners will be notified via email and published on this blog. Entries remain the property of The Flying Drunken Monkey and may be republished. For full competition terms and conditions, click here

Disclaimer: I was invited to attend an event for Norton but was unable to attend due to illness. They sent me a copy of the anti-virus to review and are providing 2 copies to be sent direct to the winners. All opinions are my own.

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