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March 1, 2013 by flyingdrunkenmonkey Guest Post - The Flying Drunken Monkey

I’ve joined up some other Aussie Bloggers to participate in a Blog Hop – each blogger writes a blog post for another blog and we share the love and comments! Today I’m sharing a post from Jenn from Oh the beauty of hindsight!! :)

Dear Jenn,

So you think you’ve got it all going on, don’t you? You’re married to the man of your dreams, you live in a lovely, character filled house with a big back yard and all of your lovely things. You have a job you enjoy and friends and family near by. Life’s good.

It could be better though.

I know it doesn’t seem like it now, but you make good money. You and Tom have no debt and two great incomes. Stop spending your money on unsatisfying take away meals and service station chocolate bars
and start saving for a house. You can afford to cut back a little and still enjoy your life. Spend, but spend wisely. You will soon move somewhere that has a very affordable housing market and if you can
arrive armed with a cracking house deposit you will not look back.

While you’re saving, put some money aside for a holiday. Go overseas. It may not seem like a priority at the moment, but take some time to explore the wide world around you, before your life becomes four walls and a baby.

You know those friends you’ve been taking for granted? Pick up the phone and call them. Nurture your relationships. Good friends will remain so, regardless of the distance between you or the time that’s passed since you last spoke, but they will flourish if you give them a little love. While you’re all warm and friendship fuzzy, reach out to the people that you like but have never made the effort to really get to know. Friends are the family we choose, and you will need a small army of friends to warm and support you in years to come.

Have less stuff. Physical things just weigh you down, and surprise surprise, they don’t actually make you happy. William Morris said ‘keep only those things in your home that you know to be useful or
consider to be beautiful.’ Be ruthless… Let it go…

Live a little. Put the dog in a kennel or have someone come and dog sit, then go to the city for a few nights in a hotel. Be tourists in your own town. See more live music. Go garage sale-ing on Saturday

Make the bed first thing every morning and wash the dishes before bed every night. Create simple, easy routines now that will become habits later.

Look after your body. Do Pilates every week, get off your butt and finish the couch to five k, ride your bike to the shops. Every little bit of movement you do now will help you stay active in the future. Stretch, for goodness sake!

Finally, I know it’s hard, but trust yourself and follow your instincts. They have looked after you so far and they will continue to serve you well, if only you listen to them! Also… Brisvegas Removals
are as dodgy as they sound.

Lots of love,

Jenn xxx - Guest Post - The Flying Drunken Monkey is a little blog about health, fitness, family and simple living. Wife to Tom, mummy to Charlotte, owner of Jaffa and Mak, Jenn lives in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney. She is a runner, a nurse, a modern cloth nappy addict, a self improvement junkie and a list writer extraordinaire! You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter.

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