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May 6, 2013 by flyingdrunkenmonkey

Guest Post - Cooking with a newborn - The Flying Drunken Monkey

I’m taking some time off at the moment. Either I’ve had the baby by now or am just about to so am not really up to blogging. I’ll be featuring a few guest posts from awesome bloggers over the next few weeks.

Today’s post is from Shari from GoodFoodWeek. I only recently came across Shari’s blog and love it – she shares some great, simple recipes as well as her musings on motherhood and life in general. Today she shares her tips for cooking after having a baby.

It’s 4.30pm in the afternoon and I am struggling to decide whether or not I should smash out the post or prepare my dinner for this evening. You see, I have a small infant now in my possession – and when I say small infant, my son in just 4 weeks old.

I’m a food blogger and cooking is my passion. But it is a struggle to stand over a stove and lovingly stir a risotto for 30 minutes when you have a screaming child in the background who also wants to be fed! (Although if you clicked on the risotto link you’ll know that I’m a fan of oven baked risotto that doesn’t require stirring…)

So I have come up with some top tips for cooking with a newborn.

Tip number one: BE PREPARED!

That’s right, it may be 4.30 in the afternoon, but it is never to soon to think about getting dinner prepared. I have all of the ingredients for a quick and easy stir fry in the fridge, so why can’t I pre-chop everything whilst baby is sleeping? That means that it will take me a minor 15 minutes to cook everything and have something on the plate when hubby arrives home from work.


Who likes washing up at the best of times? Not me! But when you have a baby on hand, think of ‘one-pot-wonders’ and you’ll probably also be thinking of dishes that require little preparation and can often cook on their own – like a roast dinner for example.

Place all your veggies and your meat in a roasting dish, put into the oven and then get everything else you need to get done (like feeding your baby – because they seem to be feeding all the time).


The key to cooking with a newborn is to either whip something up really fast – like a stir fry (think less then 30 minutes to prepare) and then try and eat it as quickly as possible before the next feed.

Or to whip by something that requires low heat for a very long time – like something in your slow cooker or oven like lamb shanks. This is something that you can prepare either the night before (when your husband can hold a crying baby) or in the morning whilst baby is taking a nap – and then put on to cook later in the afternoon.

Tip number four: ORDER TAKEAWAY

Take away is your friend – you don’t have to be super women. So if you have had a crappy day and you are still sitting around in your p.j’s at 4.30 in the afternoon then ask your husband to pick up some take away on the way home from work – who doesn’t like a pizza now and again?

Good luck Cassie with the birth of your newborn – it is a wonderful experience and will bring joy into your life like you could never imagine!

Guest Post - Cooking with a newborn - The Flying Drunken MonkeyMy name is Shari, I’m in my mid-to-late twenties and I have just entered the greatest journey of all … motherhood!
My blog GoodFoodWeek started in 2008 as a way of sharing recipes with uni friends and family who were spread near and far.
It has evolved over the years to contain my ramblings as I’ve searched for a house, planned the perfect veggie patch, stumbled through farmer’s markets with my eye half open (because you need to be there at 6am to get the fresh eggs), gathered family and friends around a shared table, laughed out loud and enjoyed life to the fullest!
GoodFoodWeek now covers four main topics: RECIPES, GARDENING, MOTHERHOOD and LIFE.

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  1. What great tips for a new mum and those with lots of children and bubs on the way!! Sometimes a PJ day and takeaway is just what you need! :)
    Yvette @ Little Bento Blog recently posted…Cinnamon Sugar Bread – Leftover CrustsMy Profile

  2. Sally Hansen says:

    Ahhha, that endless chore of preparing and storing and checking if they have gone bad or not :) I like your tips. When mine were before 1, I mostly used to give them Sooji either boiled or browned in butte milk with almonds as a cereal.

    Worked great until they decided not to like the taste:(
    Sally Hansen recently posted…#DIY : Amazing Body Scrubs From Mother Nature That Make You Go Oooh Lala!My Profile

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