July Decluttering Zone ★ The Bathroom & Laundry

July 6, 2012 by flyingdrunkenmonkey


Yes I know this isn’t a photo of this decluttering zone. I could take some photos but I’m quite comfy on the couch now…

Didn’t quite finish last month’s decluttering zone. We weren’t able to buy the new DVD/CD cabinet but I did move all of the DVDs and CDs in to boxes so that they were stored out of the way. Mr Monkey still needs to organise his paperwork and I can’t think of a good way to do this yet. Perhaps I need to get him to move it to his actual work. I didn’t declutter the bookshelf because… well I just didn’t. Whoops. I didn’t cull Lily’s toys but I did reorganise them.

However, we did get a new TV and the lounge room now looks a lot more open and strangely tidier. I feel like I am able to keep the whole room tidier now that it is more open. Strange how that works.

So this month I’m moving in to the bathroom and laundry. I didn’t think this area needed much work but once you start really looking and writing a list you realise it adds up!!

So, here’s my list for this month’s decluttering:


♥ Re-organise towel cupboard
♥ Sort and replace towels
♥ Clean behind washing machine
♥ De-clutter broom cupboard
♥ Clean window
♥ Sort supplies – new bucket?


♥ De-clutter toys
♥ Clean shower curtain
♥ Better storage for Lily’s toys?
♥ Move Mikka’s food??
♥ Declutter drawers

You’ll notice there is a few question marks on the list this month. In the laundry sink we have a plastic container that holds all of our supplies as we don’t have a stupid shelf in there. It’s not the best solution – we just lost a whole bottle of whitener as something got stuck under the container, the sink was blocked and everything filled up. I would like to find some way to attach the container to the tiny shelf/ top of the tiles above the sink but haven’t found a good solution yet. Let me know if you know of one!!

In the bathroom we currently have Lily’s toys in an old dish drying rack. Once again, not a great solution – Lily fell in the bath a few months ago, hit her mouth on the rack and cracked her front tooth! Thankfully the dentist said that because she hit at the back of the tooth and not the front there is not need to worry about it. We make sure that the rack stays out of the bath when she’s in there (it was on the side when she fell) but I would still like to find a better solution. Most of the cute bath storage I have seen is too small as she has a lot of rubber ducks. Also, because the rack stays in the bath when not in use I find a lot of fluff and stuff gets stuck behind it and makes it harder to clean the bath.

The other major issue we have in the bathroom is that Mikka’s cat food is kept at the end of the bath. We put it here so that it is up out of the way of Lily as she used to like to eat his food. She probably wouldn’t eat it now but I don’t want to put it on the floor as he tends to spread his food around a lot and our floors get dirty enough. However, the end of the bath gets very dirty because he does spread his food around. Where do you keep your cats food?

The drawers in the bathroom have also been used as a bit of a dumping zone lately so I really need to go through and declutter them again. I think I need to be a bit more ruthless this time.

Do you need to declutter your bathroom or laundry? What are your storage solutions?

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  1. Rah says:

    I’m itching to go through the cupboards under our bathroom sink, get it all organised and get better plastic thingys to keep everything together. KMart have some of those long tub things with handles… I think they’re meant to be for the fridge!
    I’m wondering if there’s something like a wire shelf you could hang off your laundry tub? Or invent it and make a tonne of money? :)
    Rah recently posted…MuddledMy Profile

  2. Cassie says:

    We don’t have cupboards under the bathroom sink – wish we did! Ooh the tubs sound good. They’d be great for organising your cupboards.
    Hmm that is pretty much what we want. I’ve seen a few around but they’re quite expensive.
    Cassie recently posted…July Decluttering Zone ★ The Bathroom & LaundryMy Profile

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