June Decluttering Zone ★ The Spare Room

May 30, 2012 by flyingdrunkenmonkey

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Don’t worry. I’m sure you’re thinking “wait a minute… I’m sure she’s already done this decluttering zone!”. Then again, you might not be thinking anything at all. I shouldn’t really assume. But anyway, yes I have already done this decluttering zone. But after we changed around the lounge room we have ended up with a lot more clutter that was simply moved in to the spare room. Clutter that really needs to be decluttered.

I have actually started feeling anxious whenever I walk in to this room (which thankfully isn’t all that often). After we last worked on this decluttering zone I felt so much calmer – the bed was clear, the end of the bed was much more organised, Lily’s toys were as organised as they could be and the bookshelf was fairly clear. There was more we could’ve done – I would’ve liked to get rid of the CD/DVD cabinet that was in there, the bookshelf needed to be decluttered and reorganised, Lily’s toys could’ve been culled more. But overall, I was pretty happy with the improvement in this room.

Now, there are DVDs everywhere, the old entertainment cabinet is in pieces on top of the bed, Lily’s toys have started to take over again, Mr Monkey’s paperwork has overflowed a crate and is taking up a corner and the bookshelf is starting to get out of control. So much to do, and it makes me sad that we went backwards. We really should’ve thought it through when we bought the entertainment cabinet instead of just buying it and trying to work it out after.

The plan for this decluttering zone:

♥ Put DVD/CDs in boxes until…

♥ Buy new DVD/ CD cabinet

♥ Declutter bookshelf

♥ Figure out a storage system for Mr Monkey’s paperwork

♥ Sell or store old entertainment cabinet

♥ Do another cull of Lily’s toys

 Have you ever gone backwards in your decluttering?


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  1. Sandra says:

    I go backwards everyday! I tend to constantly “move things around” in my attempts to clean the house. Having a plan should help. Hope it goes well … this time.
    Sandra recently posted…Mindfulness 101My Profile

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