{March Monthly Decluttering Zone} – The Spare Room

March 8, 2012 by flyingdrunkenmonkey


So each month I am scheduling a Zone or room and am going to spend the month tackling the decluttering and deep cleaning tasks that I need to do. Last month was the Computer Room and this month we’re moving in to the Spare Room. Our Spare Room has been the “don’t know what to do with this, just chuck it in there” room. Once Lily started moving and grooving we decided to change it into a toy room of sorts for her. Of course, she doesn’t actually play in there and brings everything in to the lounge room but at least it it somewhere to store her toys.

♥ Filing – not that long ago I posted about how we had moved our filing from the Computer Room in to the Spare Room and had bought a new filing cabinet. This worked really well except for the fact that I haven’t kept up with actually putting new paperwork away. So I need to get back on track with this.

♥ De-clutter bookshelf – we bought this fantastic bookshelf from Ikea awhile ago for extra storage. It works well but has started to become a dumping ground. I need to sort out what exactly is there and what doesn’t need to be there. I’d like to move some things from the TV cabinet in the lounge room in to here to clear up some room and I need to put that bag of Christmas decorations away that are still on top of the shelves.

♥ De-clutter Lily’s toys – I’ve actually already done this! (This is the before picture.) Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get rid of much – Lily does play with most of the toys or they were special presents that I can’t bear to part with. The soft toys are the worst. She has a few teddies and dolls that she loves but the others are either special presents or ones from when I was a child. I’ll do a full post soon of how I sorted here toys.

♥ De-clutter end of bed – due to the lack of storage a lot of stuff gets simply pushed down the end of the spare bed. All of our camping stuff is stored under the bed but I am happy to leave it the for the moment. I need to go through the stuff at the end of the bed and work out if anything can be stored somewhere else or gotten rid of.

So, there’s what I hope to get done this month. Do you have a room that becomes a dumping ground for the things you don’t know what to do with? Why not make a start on getting it organised this month?

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  1. Jen R says:

    Im convinced the kids toys and especially stuffed ones multiply at night when we are not looking…lol Good luck with the declutter :)
    Jen R recently posted…Shameless self promotion on Wordless Wednesday…just a few words :)My Profile

    • Cassie says:

      They do! It’s the only explanation!
      Thanks. I’ve re-organised most of the toys but wasn’t able to declutter most of them. I think I need to be less sentimental.

  2. […] Monthly Decluttering Zone was the Spare Room. One decluttering task was to declutter the end of the bed – you can see how bad it had […]

  3. […] Monthly Decluttering Zone was the Spare Room. One decluttering task was to declutter the end of the bed – you can see how bad it had […]

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