Meal Plan ★ 21st – 27th April, 2014

April 20, 2014 by flyingdrunkenmonkey

Meal Plan - The Flying Drunken Monkey

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Meal Plan:

♥ Monday – Meatball Risotto
♥ Tuesday – Dinner at Grandma’s
♥ Wednesday – Sausage Pasta Bake*
♥ Thursday – Veg Noodle Stir fry
♥ Friday – Rosemary Lamb w/ roast potatoes
♥ Saturday – Satay Fish & Cous Cous
♥ Sunday – Gnocchi-topped chicken, leek and mushroom pie*
*recipes from Super Food Ideas Magazine, May 2014

Did you miss my meal plan last week? I’m sure you did!

We only had a few meals at home last week – we spent Easter weekend at my parents’ house and another night we went to a local pub for dinner, just the four of us. I was trying to think when the last time we went out for dinner as a family was and realised that we haven’t been since Chloe was born! Money has been so tight that we’ve barely even had takeaway and when we have gone out for dinner it’s been with family for a special occasion (and there’s been a lot of them!). So it was really nice just to get out and do something different, especially as we went to a great pub that we hadn’t been to before. We were all in a bit of a bad mood before we left, snapping and grumpy at each other. But by the end of the dinner we all felt relaxed and happy. It was nice!

This week is a quiet one. I’m sitting writing this post at my parents’ house, as my sister dyes my hair. Multitasking! After lunch I’ll start packing up and head home. Probably eggs on toast for dinner!

I believe the Easter Bunny has visited our house so we’re excited to get home and see what he left. The girls got some beautiful handmade pjs, a doll, bag and doll blanket from my parents. My Mum is very talented!

Besides dinner at Grandma’s house on Tuesday we don’t really have anything planned for the week, which makes a nice change from our busy life lately. So it will hopefully be a week full of cleaning and blog writing and studying. Well I hope so anyway!

My running is still on track. Up to Week 4 Day 3 to run this week. I’m doing 2x 4min runs and 1x 6min run, with a few minutes of walking in between. My second run this week will be starting Week 5 which includes 2x 5min runs and 1x 4min run! Scary!

Oh I just reread this and it’s full of exclamation marks. Oh well! :)

What’s on your meal plan this week? What did you do for Easter? When was the last time you went out for dinner as a family? Am I crazy for thinking I can run 5km? Do you use a lot of exclamation marks?

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