Meal Plan ★ 22nd – 28th April, 2013

April 21, 2013 by flyingdrunkenmonkey

Meal Plan - The Flying Drunken Monkey

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Meal Plan:

♥ Monday – Grandma & Grandad coming for dinner – Tortilla Pizzas
♥ Tuesday – Sausages, Mash & Veggies
♥ Wednesday – Takeaway with Granny & Poppy
♥ Thursday – Ginger Chicken & Rice
♥ Friday – Tomato Basil Parmesan Soup
♥ Saturday – Tofu satay noodle salad
♥ Sunday – Chorizo Carbonara & Salad

When planning everything at the moment I seem to mentally add an asterisk – *on condition I don’t go in to labour. I think this is the worst part of the pregnancy – the waiting, the not knowing when it will happen. Although I don’t want to be induced, at least it would actually give me a date. Same with a scheduled c-section. But I can suck it up and deal with it, and hopefully go naturally.

So, this week’s meals are planned but if anything happens… well I suppose the meat will just go in the freezer and Mr Monkey will have to ensure the vegetables can used up.

Not much planned this week. Monday we have Lily’s swimming lesson – she wasn’t able to go last week has she had been a little sick the day before and we didn’t want her to risk passing it on to anyone. Then it’s grocery shopping time and then Mr Monkey’s parents are coming out for dinner. Normally we’d go out there but I don’t really feel like sitting in a car for 40mins to get there and it’s probably a good idea to be closer to the hospital. Mr Monkey will be cooking and he wanted to make pizzas but they don’t work too well in our oven. So I suggested making pizzas using tortillas – we’d only need to grill them instead of baking them.

Wednesday I have my appointment at the Low-Risk Diabetes Clinic. Mum and Dad are coming up to take me/look after Lily and will most likely stay for dinner. I’ve just planned takeaway but we might end up at the local bowling club.

Trying a new recipe Thursday night with the Ginger Chicken & Rice. The only sugar/carbs in the chicken is the honey (I might replace the sake with mirin or something similar) which means I can have more rice.

Another new recipe on Friday night – Tomato Basil Parmesan Soup. It’s a slow cooker recipe which means I can put it on while Lily’s at school and have it ready for about half an hour after we get home. I’ve been trying to eat more soups, especially now as we’re getting in to the colder months, and I also want to try using the slow cooker more.

Saturday is the Tofu Satay Noodle Salad from the Healthy Food Guide Magazine from the March 2013 edition. We’ve had it before and it was nice, and easy. I will probably put extra tofu in and more veggies to fill it out without having too much noodles.

Sunday I’m trying this Chorizo Carbonara & Salad

recipe from Actually Amy. I will probably take out the cream – I know from making Heston’s Carbonara that just the egg yolks should work fine and I don’t need the extra carbs from the cream. Unfortunately, I will have to buy the chorizo from Woolworths as our butcher only stocks a rather spicy sausage which I can tolerate but Lily doesn’t like. I also make a big salad so that I don’t fill up on the pasta.

I tell you what, I’m looking forward to having this baby so that I don’t have to keep following such a strict diet! I’ll of course keep trying to follow the basic principles but having to carb-count and figure out every single meal is tiring and frustrating. I definitely couldn’t live this way forever!

What’s on your meal plan this week?

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  1. I’m loving soups now too. I must get into the habit of making a couple though so I have enough for lunches during the week.
    Thanks for linking up with us over at Becci’s Domestic Bliss
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