Meal Plan ★ 22nd – 28th September, 2014

September 21, 2014 by flyingdrunkenmonkey

Meal Plan - The Flying Drunken Monkey

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Meal Plan:

♥ Monday – Chorizo Risotto
♥ Tuesday – Silverside and Mashed Potato
♥ Wednesday -Chicken Pesto Pasta
♥ Thursday -Pork stirfry
♥ Friday -Eggs on toast
♥ Saturday – Fish & Chips
♥ Sunday – Wedding

I’m sorry the post is a bit late this week. I was a tiny bit busy yesterday.

I ran the Sydney Harbour 9km Bridge Run. Well, I say “ran”; I did walk a lot of it. But I finished in 1 hour 15mins which is about the time I was aiming for so I’m happy with that. But I couldn’t have done it anywhere near that fast if it wasn’t for my brother-in-law and fiance who pushed me the whole way.

It feels good to have finally accomplished that but my legs are aching today! The furthest I have done before this was 7km so in itself that’s a big achievement.

Now to work out what the next goal is!

Anyway, this week. Tonight was supposed to be Chorizo fried rice but I forgot to pre-cook the rice so Mr Monkey is currently cooking up a chorizo risotto.

Tomorrow night was supposed to be curried sausages but when we did the grocery shopping today there was silverside on special so we’ll have that instead.

I have a doctor appointment on Wednesday (which I talked about on Instagram. I’ve become obsessed with pesto lately so we’ll be having Chicken Pesto Pasta for dinner. I really should make my own but for the moment it’s from a jar.

I had forgotten that I bought a whole heap of pork mince in bulk on special a few weeks ago and so hadn’t been planning any dishes with it lately. I love a stir-fry and find pork works really well so I’ll probably make one with some hoisin sauce. I have an event on Thursday to attend so wanted something easy to cook for dinner, which stir fries definitely are!

Friday Lily has school and then my Mum is coming up to take her back to their house. They are all going away for a few nights in my parents’ caravan on Sunday so she’ll be spending the weekend at their house to get ready. It’ll just be me and Chloe and I can never be bothered to cook properly on those types of nights so it will just eggs on toast for us.

Quiet day on Saturday except for an 8km long run I have planned. Eek! Then simple fish and chips for dinner.

On Sunday we are going to one of Mr Monkey’s friends’ wedding. The in-law’s will be looking after Chloe and I’m looking forward to spending some time with Mr Monkey and having some fun.

So that’s this week! What’s your week looking like?

Did you notice my new header up there? What do you think?

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