Meal Plan ★ 23rd – 29th June, 2014

June 23, 2014 by flyingdrunkenmonkey

Meal Plan - The Flying Drunken Monkey

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Meal Plan:

♥ Monday – Chicken Goulash Pie with Sour Cream Dumplings*
♥ Tuesday – Potato-skin nachos*
♥ Wednesday -Veg risotto
♥ Thursday – Curried sausageswith mash
♥ Friday – Spaghetti Carbonara
♥ Saturday – Pea & Ham Soup
♥ Sunday – Tuna Pasta Bake
* recipes from Super Food Ideas Magazine, June 2014

It’s been a bit quiet around here lately hasn’t it?

After having a fever for 3 days, then the beginning of a very sore throat, last Monday I was diagnosed with another case of tonsillitis. Just what I need! Straight onto antibiotics and rest and hopefully I had caught it early enough.

I was really nervous as I was registered for the Cooks River Fun Run, 5km, last Sunday. Ever since I had started running at the end of January this is what I had been aiming for. Up until I got sick I had only run 3.5km in one go but I was confident I could at least get closer to the 5km. Of course, then I had to go and get sick. I wasn’t able to go for a run before Sunday, so over a week and a half since I had last run. The doctor said the tonsillitis side of things should be fine but my energy levels would be down. I was expecting that and expecting to have to walk for more of the course than I would’ve wanted.

Come Saturday night and I suddenly developed a cough. I made sure I was in bed early, reading and not waiting for Mr Monkey to get home from work. But I woke throughout the night coughing and barely got any sleep. We had to be up early to get to the park so I had all of our clothes ready to go. Of course, we ended up being way too early and had to hang around for awhile but at least I wasn’t rushed.

They started the warm up and I realised I would have to take it easy so as to not wear myself out before the actual “run”! I was so nervous for the start but once the gun went off and I was running in the pack I didnt feel too bad. I picked a lady in front of me and focused on her back and said to myself that I would stay behind her the entire way.

But it didn’t take long until I realised that I was having a lot of trouble breathing. My breath was coming out really shallow and strangely high pitched. I could hear it over the top of my music and the others running around me so I knew something wasn’t right! I slowly dropped behind everyone else and it wasn’t long until I was walking. I tried a few boosts of running but I wouldn’t last long until my breathing got really bad again. I felt horrible and so disappointed and actually had to work hard a few times to avoid a panic attack.

I was determined to at least finish and pushed myself to do so. A few hundred metres from the end I started running and saw my family along the side. I decided I wasn’t going to look at them but couldn’t help glancing up and smiling when Lily called me.

I made it to the finish in 43 minutes and 48 seconds. I couldn’t get my breathing under control and my Mum rushed me off to the first aid tent. (Mum said later that I looked like death). Thankfully with a little rest and concentrating on my breathing I felt ok.

I checked the times and I’d come last in my age group (8th last overall in the 5km) and it was so hard not to feel crushed. But at least I finished and I know next year will be better.

Funny thing is, a few months ago I decided I would aim to do the 5km in under 45 minutes. That was when I was managing around 3km at 20mins straight. I ended up amending that to 40 minutes so I’m pretty happy with the fact that I finished in the middle of those. My average pace was also faster than my average walking pace has been lately. I’ll take whatever wins I can.


I’m still exhausted today, and rather sore, so have been taking it slowly. Mr Monkey is home from work so helped out with some housework today and did the grocery shopping for me. He even cooked dinner! I’m pretty lucky :)


This week is surprisingly quiet. We don’t have much planned except for organising a registration check for the car and the usual school and other errands. We’ve got a lot of vegetables to use up and a lot of housework to do so we’ll be keeping quiet at home I think!

What’s on your meal plan this week?

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