Meal Plan ★ 24th – 30th September, 2012

September 23, 2012 by flyingdrunkenmonkey

Meal Plan 24th - 30th September, 2012, The Flying Drunken Monkey

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Meal Plan:

♥ Monday – Dinner at Granny & Poppy’s
♥ Tuesday – Dinner at Granny & Poppy’s
♥ Wednesday – Veg Risotto
♥ Thursday – Sausage Sizzle
♥ Friday – Quiche Lorraine
♥ Saturday – Meatloaf
♥ Sunday – Family Chicken & Corn Pie

Hi! Yes, I’m finally back online!! We’re all moved in, the keys have been handed back in for the old house and while we still have a lot of stuff lying around waiting for it’s “spot” we have unpacked most of the boxes. I’m going to do another post later in the week about the house and the moving process.

We haven’t done much cooking in the new house yet (I think my Mum has done more!) – Mr Monkey and I have both cooked one meal in the oven each, we’ve cooked a few meals on the stovetop but I think we’ve cooked more in the microwave. So I’m looking forward to getting back in to the swing of things and cooking properly.

We have a gas stove now which is great although there is a problem with the temperature knob – you either have to stand and hold it in for ages or fashion a way of keeping it in (using a LOT of sticky tape) or it does not stay lit. It makes it a bit of pain to use the oven but I’m looking forward to having a better oven to use.

Not an extremely interesting meal plan this week – just using up things we have in the freezer plus the vegetables from our Andy & Ted box. Plus I thought it’d be fun to have a sausage sizzle instead of just sausages, mash and vegetables like we’d normally do. I’m also down at my parents’ house for the first two nights for a bit of a break and so that Lily can go to the playground at the Botanic Gardens with Granny and Olivia.

What do you have planned this week?

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  1. nadine says:

    I enjoyed helping out with my limited cooking skills.You both did a great job clearing out the boxes

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