Meal Plan ★ 27th January – 2nd February, 2014

January 27, 2014 by flyingdrunkenmonkey

Meal Plan - The Flying Drunken Monkey
Click here to download my Weekly Plan / Meal Plan Template

Click here to download my Weekly Plan / Meal Plan Template

Meal Plan:

♥ Monday – Sausage & Tomato Pasta
♥ Tuesday – Dinner at Grandma & Grandad’s House
♥ Wednesday – Wok-cooked fish with Sesame Soy Sauce & noodles
♥ Thursday – Steak and chips with Diane Sauce
♥ Friday – Pasta with Chorizo and Chickpeas
♥ Saturday – Twice Cooked Green Bean and Pork Stir Fry with Rice*
♥ Sunday – Mexican-spiced Chicken with chargrilled corn salsa & pita*
*from Super Food Ideas Magazine, February 2014

Getting back in to a fairly regular meal plan this week. Although money is still tight and we’re still trying to use up as much as we have on hand – although we have no meat left in the freezer (besides sausages).

We’re at my parents’ house at the moment and will be heading home later today. I’ve kept it to something simple, using the sausages in the freezer. Then heading out to the in-law’s on Tuesday after a few errands.

Grocery shopping on Wednesday and I’m determined to go back to our seafood supplier – we haven’t been in months as it’s hard to find parking and I’m normally exhausted after taking both girls grocery shopping. But we haven’t had good fish in ages and we need to get back in the habit. I’m hoping they have some Blackfish – it’s normally less than $5/kilo which means we can get enough to freeze for a few meals for a really cheap price. It also means we don’t have to go back for a few weeks.

Other than Lily’s two days at school and a “welcome back” afternoon tea at her school on Friday, the rest of the week should be fairly quiet. No children’s parties to attend this weekend and we’ll probably spend it at home, perhaps with the occasional bike ride.

I’ve taken a few meals from Super Food Ideas Magazine this week. I’ve tried to focus on recipes for which we have most of the ingredients already. The only ingredients we should have to buy are the protein and vegetables. We have a good supply of pasta, rice, noodles etc plus sauces and spices in the pantry. I’ve also tried to leave the recipes heavy with vegetable to Saturday or Sunday – after our Fruit and Vegetable delivery. I’ll just use our frozen corn and peas until then (we didn’t get a delivery this week as I wasn’t home).

What’s on your meal plan this week?

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  1. Stacy Harris says:

    I just wanted to tell you a tip from a book I read that was shopping/meal planning…She looked at the adds then found the reciepes and bought exactly what she needed. flylady has Cozi also that is fun since you can check off what you don’t need if you use that function and I hear with smart phones they work great we don’t due to budgeting. BEST WISHES Sounds like Great Dishes…also I make pizza dough in the Bread machine for on Friday for all the little leftovers on a pizza it’s all perfect.

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