Meal Plan ★ 29th October – 4th November, 2012

October 29, 2012 by flyingdrunkenmonkey

Meal Plan - The Flying Drunken Monkey

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Meal Plan:

♥ Monday – Spaghetti with fresh herbs & garlic
♥ Tuesday – Meatloaf w/ mash potato
♥ Wednesday – Dinner with Granny & Poppy
♥ Thursday – Teriyaki Fish w/ stir fry veg & brown rice
♥ Friday – Herbed Chicken Schnitzels w/ Coleslaw & Pasta Side
♥ Saturday – Sausage & Prawn Hotpot Rolls w/ Chilli Aioli
♥ Sunday – Takeaway

A bit late with my meal plan this week. I was planning to finish it yesterday while I was at my in-laws but forgot to take the laptop! And today I was just too busy (napping!) to finish it off. Of course, when I finally sat down just before dinner to finish it I found I couldn’t think of any meals for the end of the week!

So while I started cooking the spaghetti for dinner (I ended up adding some onion and leek and chilli as well) I gave the laptop to Mr Monkey to think of a few more meals for the rest of the week. He came up with some interesting suggestions!

I wanted a chicken dish for Friday night and we realised we hadn’t had schnitzels in quite a while. I probably would’ve just served it with veg and mashed potato but Mr Monkey suggested getting a coleslaw mix from the supermarket and just using a basic mustard/olive oil dressing and buying one of those pasta side dishes (Alfredo etc) to make things easier. Sounds like a plan to me!

Saturday should be interesting – we are going to Mr Monkey’s cousin’s house for morning tea (I’ll be making a cake to take!) and then probably heading home to do some cleaning. I mentioned that we hadn’t had sausages for awhile so Mr Monkey decided I needed to be adventurous. I will be buying some round dinner rolls, scooping out the bread, brushing with oil and baking them until they are crusty. Then cooking up some prawns and different types of sausages with some crushed tomatoes and stock. Then pouring into the roll bowls and top with the chilli aioli. Definitely sounds interesting and if it works I’ll take some photos and post the recipe on here!

On Thursday night I’ll be cooking fish using a new product from McCormick’s that I have been asked to trial – a marinade that comes in it’s own marinating bag. Look out for a review and a fantastic giveaway in the coming weeks! Mr Monkey is very upset that we can’t win the giveaway! :)

Sunday we’re hoping to meet up with Mr Monkey’s friends (it was supposed to be last Sunday but they cancelled so we went to the in-laws’ instead) and either way we’ll probably just take it easy and get takeaway.

So, that’s our meals this week!

What’s on your meal plan for this week?


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