Meal Plan ★ 2nd – 8th April, 2012

April 2, 2012 by flyingdrunkenmonkey


Feel free to download my Weekly Plan template if you like:

Click here to download my Weekly Plan Template

Please let me know if you use it and what you think!

♥ Monday – Spinach & Pumpkin Barley Risotto with Basic Salad
♥ Tuesday – Mr Monkey’s Cooking
♥ Wednesday – Spaghetti Bolognaise with Basic Salad
♥ Thursday – At my parents’ house
♥ Friday – At my parents’ house
♥ Saturday – Dinner for my Mum’s birthday
♥ Sunday – At my parents’ house

I’d there anything worse than returning from a highly anticipated weekend away and having to get stuck back in to every day life? Well, of course there is many things in life that are much worse but… You know what I mean. It sucks. Especially after spending two days away ALONE with no one to report to, no extra little body clinging off me or ignoring me or defying me. Spending two days learning, socializing and sleeping!!

But then I get home to discover that Lily has come down with a cold and is grumbly and sooky. Which means constant beautiful snuggles and a toddler that only wants her mum. It makes everything else not seem so bad.

This week won’t be much like every day life anyway. It’s my mum’s birthday on Sunday and Lily and I will be heading down there on Thursday to help with the preparations. There’s dinner with Mum’s family on Saturday night and then lunch with Dad’s family on Sunday.

There’s a joke in our family that I always have 3 birthday celebrations – normally one with friends, one with family on my actual birthday and one with the extended family. In my defense my birthday normally falls on or around Mothers Day which makes it hard to arrange something to suit everyone. Anyway, it seems that this year it’s Mum’s turn to have multiple celebrations!

So, not much cooking for me this week. it’s the final week of the 1 Million Kilo Challenge and I have to admit I haven’t followed it very well. However, it has made meal planning much easier and I’m sure next week’s meal plan may be a bit more difficult. Yet, it may also be a little more exciting!

Do you meal plan? And did you go to the Digital Parents Conference or the Kids Business Bloggers BBQ?

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  1. Salz says:

    i do a weekly schedule on my blog. need that to get my shopping done so i dont forget anything and we stay in budget. i didnt go to the conference i was to chicken maybe next time.
    Salz recently posted…Wordless wednesday is wordlessMy Profile

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