Meal Plan ★ 3rd – 9th November, 2014

November 3, 2014 by flyingdrunkenmonkey

Meal Plan - The Flying Drunken Monkey

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Meal Plan:

♥ Monday – Silverside Toasted Sandwiches
♥ Tuesday – Chorizo Risotto
♥ Wednesday -Pad Thai
♥ Thursday -Takeaway
♥ Friday -Dinner at Granny’s
♥ Saturday – Dinner at Granny’s
♥ Sunday – Dinner at Granny’s

How on earth is it November already? This year is going way too fast and I’m not sure if I’m ready for it to be 2015 soon.

Last week was slightly stressful. Mr Monkey resigned from his job – it had been up in the air for awhile and it was just easier for everyone if he left. He had a few weeks annual leave saved up so he has a little while to spend with us before he desperately has to find a job. He’s looking into changing careers as well so it’s all a little uncertain at the moment. But I’m sure he’ll find something awesome. As long as it has better hours that don’t completely mess with his social life, family life and mental health, I think we’ll all be happy!

Busy week this week. Today it’s just an errand day; grocery shopping mostly. Mr Monkey wants to take Lily to the bike track as she still isn’t confident on her bike.

Tomorrow is swimming lesson day. Lily has moved up in her lessons and is now starting to learn proper strokes. She is doing amazingly well! She’s not overly coordinated but she’s persistent and stubborn so she never stops trying. She’s learnt freestyle, backstroke, butterfly and breaststroke and is loving all of them. Her teacher also takes them over to the “big pool” (deep end of the 50m) at the end of the lesson to do some jumps. She won’t stand up on the high edge to do so but we’re hoping she will this week as the teacher has promised to hold her hand and do it with her. It’s amazing the change in her swimming over the last year – she’s gone from screaming at the beginning of the year, to not wanting to put her head under to now swimming under water any chance that she can get. I’m so proud of her.

Wednesday I have a breakfast event to attend in the city. I’m really excited about it but not looking forward to getting up in time to get there for 8.30am! Most of my afternoons this week will hopefully be spent working on my assignments. I haven’t done any in ages and really need to get working on them.

Thursday is a busy day – Lily has school and then that evening we have “starting big school” info night. Which is why I have scheduled takeaway (a rare luxury!) for that evening.

Friday Lily has her final orientation morning at big school. She’s loving it and is actually upset that it’s the final week. However, I don’t know how she’ll go when she discovers that she has to go for longer than an hour next year!

After big school it’s straight to little school and then we’ll pick her up in the afternoon and drive to my parents’ house. Mr Monkey hasn’t been down there since Chloe’s birthday party in May so it will be great to all spend the weekend together.

Meals this week are fairly easy. We have some leftover silverside that needs to be used up so Mr Monkey said he’ll make some Reuben style toasted sandwiches. I’ve moved over a couple of meals that we didn’t eat last week – chorizo risotto and pad thai. Then just the takeaway and then it’s down to Mum’s. I love easy weeks like this!

What’s on your meal plan this week?

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