Meal Plan ★ 8th – 14th July, 2013

July 7, 2013 by flyingdrunkenmonkey

Meal Plan - The Flying Drunken Monkey

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Meal Plan:

♥ Monday – Bolognaise Pie
From the Australian Good Taste Magazine, July 2013
♥ Tuesday – Chicken Schnitzel with Quinoa Salad with Pineapple & Coriander
♥ Wednesday – Veg Pasta
♥ Thursday – Sausages Mash & Veggies
♥ Friday – Beef “Strog” and Rice
♥ Saturday – Pea & Ham Soup
♥ Sunday – Dinner at Gibraltar Hotel Bowral

Big weekend planned for next weekend! We’ll be heading up to the Gibraltar Hotel Bowral on Sunday and Monday night, visiting various attractions around the Southern Highlands, including the Illawarra Fly. This is all thanks to the Illawarra Fly, Gibraltar Hotel and Merlin Entertainments and you will see a few sponsored posts in the coming weeks all about our trip. I’m very excited!

A few meals have come over from last week – Mr Monkey’s roster got changed slightly so he could have the time off for the weekend so he wasn’t home to help me cook the Bolognaise Pie tonight. I didn’t realise we didn’t have any quinoa in the pantry so we just had leftovers last night instead of the steak with Quinoa Salad with Pineapple and Coriander. We’ll be having the steaks tonight with mash, veggies and mushroom sauce and we’ll be having the salad on Tuesday night with some Chicken Schnitzels I found in the freezer.

The rest of this week’s meal plan is mostly from the freezer. The Veg Pasta on Wednesday will be using up the abundance of vegetables we have at the moment. If I feel up to it, I may change it to a risotto. There’s a bag of sausages in the freezer and I’m sure we’ll still have veggies so I’ll just pan fry the sausages and steam the veggies.

There is also leftover serves of Pea & Ham Soup and a Beef “Strog” that I made – I didn’t have mushrooms so probably can’t really be classed as a stroganoff.

This will actually use up most of the dishes in the freezer (except for about 5 serves of Pea or Pea & Ham Soup). I’ve gotten really bad at actually using leftovers that I freeze and had to throw quite a bit out. I think next week I’ll make a big batch of curried sausages & bolognaise and freeze them. Then from now on I’ll make sure to make one meal on each meal plan a leftover meal.

What’s on your meal plan this week? Do you often use meals from your freezer? And have you visited the Southern Highlands or the Illawarra Fly and have any tips of where to visit?

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  1. Brian works 7 nights in 28, so any leftovers (accidental or deliberate) are usually used for his work dinners. I try to have at least half a dozen in there at any one time and hopefully a nice variety.
    Never been up that way, but we did do the Ottway Fly Walk a couple of years ago.
    Not good for me who hates heights though. Didn’t help that Eli nearly broke his foot just after we got on there and that tipped me over and ended up having a panic attack.
    But it was gorgeous, damn stupid phobias.
    Becci Sundberg recently posted…Come Follow Me….My Profile

    • Cassie says:

      I normally put a bowl aside for Mr Monkey when I serve up mine and Lily’s dinners. Any more leftovers normally go in the fridge and I eat them for lunch or Mr Monkey has them if I don’t have a meal for him. Meals that go in the freezer just get forgotten. :(

      Oh I hadn’t really thought of the height thing! I’m a little uneasy around heights but no real phobia. Mr Monkey is a bit more uneasy than me but I think he’ll be ok. I think it’s an experience that neither of us really want to miss out on.

      But panic attacks are horrible. I haven’t had one in years but am hoping to never have one again.
      Cassie recently posted…Meal Plan ★ 8th – 14th July, 2013My Profile

      • I’m sure you will be fine. I think I would have been too but Eli hurting himself just tipped me over the edge. Poor bugger didn’t walk for two weeks after. Ottway is a bit higher than Illawara too, but it’s flat and the ground drops away which is good. I found that if I didn’t look right down, just into the side of the hill, I was alright
        Becci Sundberg recently posted…Tucker Tuesday ~ Recipe: Honey CracklesMy Profile

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