Meal Plan ★ What We Ate while Camping

February 28, 2014 by flyingdrunkenmonkey

What we ate while Camping - The Flying Drunken Monkey

We went camping for a week during mid-February. We went with Mr Monkey’s family – his parents, his older brother and his wife and child, and his younger brother and his girlfriend. There was four of us – myself, Mr Monkey, Lily and Chloe. We had eskys (coolers) which we filled with ice, a 2-burner gas BBQ, saucepans and fry pans, a toasting contraption to use on the BBQ and access to shops which were quite close by.

I didn’t do any meal planning as we weren’t sure how we were going to arrange dinners – if we were each going to cook our own, take turns to cook for everyone or just all cook together.

In the end we cooked our own meals. I did the first lot of shopping as Mr Monkey put the tent up and we did another lot later in the week.

Our Camping Meal Plan:

♥ Dinner – Sausages and potatoes

♥ Lunch - Ham and cheese on bread rolls
♥ Dinner – Chilli Con Carne with rice

♥ Lunch -  Ham and cheese on bread rolls
♥ Dinner – Nachoes

♥ Lunch - Local Pub
♥ Dinner – Bush Lamb Steaks with mashed potato and vegetables

♥ Lunch – Chucked together pasta (Spaghetti, tomato sauce, basil dip, ham & chicken)
♥ Dinner – Satay chicken skewers and rice

♥ Lunch – Fish & Chips 
♥ Dinner – Chickpea stew with Cous Cous

I didn’t include what we ate for breakfast as we didn’t really eat much. Whoops! I did pick up some Coco Pops as Mr Monkey wanted them for a treat, and we both had those a few mornings. There were also little tubs of fruit salad or two fruits and Lily either got food from Grandma and Grandad or snacked throughout the morning.

I’m fairly happy with how we ate over the week. The vegetables were only frozen peas and corn and some leftover beans from home. I didn’t think to grab some salad stuff – we would’ve been able to make a salad most nights to go with our meals.

We had a good variety of foods, including one vegetarian meal. Our lunches were ok – only one meal out and one takeaway. Beside the rolls we weren’t very prepared for lunches but were able to use up some leftovers.

Next time I think we will definitely meal plan. I will probably also pack more tins of chickpeas, kidney beans, tinned tomatoes, tinned vegetables and staples like pasta and rice.

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  1. I’m coming camping camping with you! Nothing like eating a fab meal in the middle of nowhere :)

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