{Meal Plan } – 19th – 25th March, 2012

March 19, 2012 by flyingdrunkenmonkey


Feel free to download my Weekly Plan/ Meal Plan template if you like:

Click here to download my Weekly Plan Template

Please let me know if you use it and what you think!

♥ Monday – Asian Coleslaw with ½ cup cooked brown rice
♥ Tuesday – Prawns with Mango Salsa with ½ cup cooked rice noodles
♥ Wednesday – Basic Grilled Steak with Salad Rossolino + Smashed Potato
♥ Thursday – Chicken Caesar Salad with 1 slice wholegrain bread
♥ Friday – Basic Grilled Fish with Rainbow Tabbouleh
♥ Saturday – Luscious Lamb Burgers
♥ Sunday – Artichoke & Pea Frittata with Basic Salad

Quiet week this week. We need it after last week. However, it will be an exciting week with an event on Tuesday and lots of planning for the Digital Parents Conference (omg its only 10 days away!!!).

Today we have Lily’s swimming lesson as usual. Hopefully, it goes better than last week – we ended up taking her out of the water early; not sure if she was just having an off day but she just suddenly decided she didn’t want to be in the water any more. It did seem to be after water had gotten in her ears and she had had a cold for a few days prior. But she seems a bit better now so hopefully it will be better.

After swimming Mr Monkey has to head off to work for the evening to make up for the guy who had to cover for him when he was sick last week. Lily and I will be doing the shopping and then home to do some housework. I’m not really looking forward to the Asian Coleslaw for dinner as I’m not really a big coleslaw fan. I may end up changing a few meals around this week.

Tuesday I’m going to a Bloggers Briefing Lunch run by Digital Parents. I’m really looking forward to meeting a few other bloggers who are going to DPCon12 and also learning a bit more about the product we’ll be briefed on. I’ll let you know a bit more about that afterwards.

My parents are going to head up sometime Tuesday afternoon to spend some time with us and perhaps head out for dinner. I have planned a dinner for that night but as I said I’m likely to change a few meals around.

The rest of the week… Well, we don’t have much plans. Housework, housework and more housework. I’m hoping to take Lily to the movies on the weekend. Hoyts are showing a special Angelina Ballerina movie at 10am on the weekends which is aimed at 2-5 year olds. It’s only 50mins long so sounds like a great way to introduce Lily to going to the theatre to see a movie. It will probably also be a great way for us to get out the house for awhile.

So that’s my week. Hows yours looking? Are you busy planning for DPCon12? And/or are you going to the lunch on Tuesday?

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