{Meal Plan} – 5th – 11th December, 2011

December 5, 2011 by flyingdrunkenmonkey


Feel free to download my Weekly Plan template if you like:

Click here to download my Weekly Plan Template

Please let me know if you use it and what you think!

♥ Monday – Pan fried fish with lemon and potato salad
♥ Tuesday – Giovanni’s Sausages with Potatoes and Rosemary
♥ Wednesday – N/A
♥ Thursday – Chorizo, potato and red capsicum frittata
♥ Friday – Burger with hummus and potato wedges
♥ Saturday – Tagliatelle with Chicken and Green Beans
♥ Sunday – N/A

A bit of a special meal plan this week. I’m taking part in The Social Media Secret Santa organised by the wonderful Chantelle from Fat Mum Slim and on Saturday I received my present – a copy of “Best of Bill: The Ultimate Collection of Bill Granger’s Recipes”! Such an amazing gift, thank you anonymous generous person! Now to make sure I send my gift in the next few days.

Fairly busy week this week. We have Lily’s 2nd last swimming lesson for the year on Monday and then we are catching a bus in to the city – we need to go to Myer to find a new perfume for me for Christmas and to the Apple store to buy a new power supply for our MacBook (the old one broke the other day and we haven’t been able to use the laptop since! I’ve been going crazy!!) I’d also like to check out the Christmas tree at the QVB and see if Lily will be willing to have her photo taken with Santa. I don’t have high hopes as she has been scared of him every time we’ve seen him. I’m also fairly sure that they no longer have the white huskies and reindeer that I’ve seen on other blogs. Pity.

So it’s going to be a fairly busy day but I’m hoping to pick up some fish do we can have the Pan fried fish with lemon and potato salad recipe from the Bill Granger cook book.

Tuesday will be spent doing housework and Mr Monkey should be home for dinner. I’ve planned the Giovanni’s Sausages with Potatoes and Rosemary recipe, using sausages we have in the freezer.

Wednesday I will be heading down early to my parents’ house as we’re all going to the Wiggles concert! Should be… Interesting. I’m planning to stay the night down there.

Thursday I’ll be heading home and doing more housework. That stuff is never ending! I liked the look of the Chorizo, potato and red capsicum frittata recipe from Thursday night.

Friday, more housework. Mr Monkey will be home for dinner and I’ve planned the Burger with hummus and potato wedges recipe. We have lots of cans of chickpeas so it’ll be nice to make our own hummus.

Saturday. Hmm… Let’s see. Yup! More housework! I thought I’d try the Tagliatelle with Chicken and Green Beans recipe.

Sunday we will be heading down to Mainebar for another 2yo birthday party. I can’t believe we’re already celebrating the babies’ 2nd birthdays!

We’re going to head down to my parents’ house for the night so we can set up our tent and check of we need anything for our camping trip in January.

So that’s our week. How’s yours looking?

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