{Meal Plan} – What we ate while camping

January 11, 2012 by flyingdrunkenmonkey


Luckily we were quite close to an IGA so we were able to do a couple of trips to get fresh food and had a big Esky which we topped up with ice every few days.

There was also vans that came around the caravan park – a coffee van every day (horrible coffee, I’m so glad I had my own!), a fruit and veg van about once a week, a baker, butcher and fishmonger that came every few days. We got some prawns from one the fishmonger one day and we ate them after Lily fell asleep.

Mostly we wanted meals that were easy to cook, used 2 pans or less and weren’t too messy. Mr Monkey doesn’t really like those pre-prepared pasta sauces as they are normally quite easy to make yourself but they were easier in the long run. We also got a few bags of frozen vegetables which lasted a few days each and were easy additions to most meals.

Day One – Tuesday

DINNER – pasta with a stir-through spinach and cheese sauce.

Day Two – Wednesday

BREAKFAST – Cereals, fruit and coffee

LUNCH – Ham & cheese sandwiches

DINNER – Lamb steaks and mashed veggies and potato

Day Three – Thursday

BREAKFAST – Eggs, bacon and leftover mash made into hash browns


DINNER – Sausages, pasta and veggies in a stir-through tomato sauce

Day Four – Friday

BREAKFAST – Oatmeal, cereals and coffee

LUNCH – Ham and salad sandwiches

DINNER – Lamb steaks and mashed veggies and potato

Day Five – Saturday

BREAKFAST – Cereals, fruit and coffee

LUNCH – at a cafe in Batemans Bay

DINNER – Burgers, prawns after Lily went to bed

Day Six – Sunday

BREAKFAST – Cereals, muesli bars and juice

LUNCH – Fish and chips in Ulladulla

DINNER – Pasta and mince in a bolognaise sauce

Day Seven – Monday

BREAKFAST – Bacon and eggs, toast, coffee

LUNCH – Ham and salad sandwiches

DINNER – Steaks, sausages and veggies

Day Eight – Tuesday

BREAKFAST – Muesli bars and juice

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