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September 14, 2011 by flyingdrunkenmonkey


This a Product Talk by Nuffnang post – I didn’t receive payment for this post but I did receive a free sample to review. I love free stuff.

I signed up with Nuffnang recently as a way of connecting with other bloggers and also with brands. I didn’t start this blog with the aim of earning any money from it but, really, it can’t hurt! I wasn’t paid for this post as I mentioned above but I did receive free product, which is almost as good.

When I saw this Product Talk opportunity come up I was a little hesitant at first. Because, well, it’s toilet paper. Did I really want to review toilet paper on my blog? Especially as my first review? Did I really want people to look at my blog and think of toilet paper???

But then I looked closer, read a little more and saw that it was more of an opportunity to review the changes that Kleenex have made and their new efforts to help the environment. Something that I can definitely get behind.

I try to be as environmentally friendly as possible. I make my own cleaners using vinegar or bicarbonate soda or eucalyptus solution. If I do need to use a “chemical” cleaner I try to always use Earth Choice/ Natures Organics. I originally used Eco Store but after looking at both companies’ palm oil policies I decided that Earth Choice are making more of a difference.

The use of Palm Oil is a big deal for me. Monkeys, orangutans, apes etc are my favourite animals (who would’ve thought it!!). Anything that threatens their environment, and as badly the palm oil industry does, must be stopped.

I try to use products that don’t use palm oil or at least only use sustainable palm oil but it is quite difficult as products are not clearly marked. I have noticed only recently that the curry that I use for my Curried Sausages includes palm oil. I’m researching a different product at the moment.

The new improvements to the Kleenex brand don’t specifically mention Palm Oil but I emailed the company and they assured me that none of their products use Palm Oil. Super!

“Palm Oil is not used in the manufacture of Kimberly-Clark Australia’s tissue products.”

Email from Consumer Advisory
Kimberly-Clark Australia Pty Limited

So what changes have Kleenex made? Well let’s get the info straight from the source: the Kleenex Cottonelle website:

Kleenex Cottonelle has also partnered with the WWF “Love Your Forests” campaign:

This is really good news. It is always great to hear that any company is working to save our very precious environment and this cause is very worthy. I love the fact that the products are now labelled; if I see a product with a label like this on the shelves I am more likely to at least think about purchasing that product over another. It would be great to see more companies rolling out campaigns like this.

So, now for the product itself. What can I say? It’s toilet paper. It’s um… white and soft and it seems to do the job. What more can you ask from toilet paper?

I asked my Twitter friends what on earth I could write in this review and the lovely tattoomummy was very helpful. I especially loved this tweet:

“Is so soft and fluffy it’s like wiping my bum on a cloud.”

So, there you go. Buy Kleenex Cottonelle and you too can wipe your bum with a cloud. While helping to save the environment of course. :)

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  1. tattoomummy says:

    I’ve convinced myself to go and buy some – with your help of course!
    tattoomummy recently posted…Bisexuality – means always missing out on somethingMy Profile

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